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Calcium Rich Foods

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Calcium- since a young age we are all told to maintain a healthy intake of calcium to ensure that our bones are taken care of. The truth is that a regular and healthy calcium intake in the diet gives our bones the support they need, to not thin out once adulthood starts. Our bones start getting weaker through the years, and calcium is what helps us out in avoiding this from happening.

Another aspect of calcium that many people are not aware of is that calcium is actually responsible for healthy weight loss as well. Daily intake of dairy based calcium products can accelerate weight loss and avoid weight gain. An average adult, requires about 1000mgs of calcium every day. For women, the amount increases to 1200mgs when she hits 51, and for men it reaches 1200mgs when they hit 71.

Here is a list of the top calcium rich foods

Milk: be it children, adults, educated of uneducated, everyone knows that the ideal calcium product is milk. We often assume the milk can lead to weight gain. As such, for those with a high propensity to gain weight skimmed cow milk is a good option. For the others, you can choose any variety you like.

Cheese and Yogurt: Cheese and yogurt are milk products, as such, clearly, they are rich in calcium. Yogurt is a natural probiotic. It helps cleanse the system due to its good bacteria while giving the bones the benefit of calcium. Cheese works in a similar fashion, however, only is small quantities.

Salmon: While everyone is aware of the fact that fish is a great source for low fat protein, and omega 3 fatty acids, one should know that salmon is a rich source for calcium and vitamin D. Vitamin D is otherwise absorbed by the body from the early morning rays of the sun. Vitamin D allows the calcium to get absorbed in the body better.

Dark Green Leafy Veggies: Vegetables have been known to be a great source for iron. Another fact is that dark green leafy vegetables are a great source for calcium too. Vegetables like Kale, Broccoli and collard greens offer a healthy amount of calcium in a serving. Whether cooked or raw, these vegetables are a great option for all the vegans out there.

Soya: Soya is another popular and rich source for calcium. Whether it is soy sauce, soy milk or even soy beans, all have rich proportions of calcium. In fact, many people who are lactose intolerant drink soy milk and use cottage cheese made out of it. This not only keeps their calcium level in order, but also gives them a convenient cooking and preparation option.

One can also opt for other options like flaxseed (linseed), walnuts and beans. All of these also contain rich sources of bio-calcium. That is, calcium that can be absorbed by the body. One thing that one must keep in mind is that only a calcium intake is not all that is needed. One needs to couple it with regular exercise and sunlight. Morning sun gives the body Vitamin D which helps our bones absorb the calcium in our diet better.

Salt is a negative for calcium. Excessive salt intake can cause the calcium in the body to not get absorbed by the bones and simply get flushed out. So, ensure that the salt intake is not more than required.


Calcium requirement in different age group of people

1 – 3 years         = 500 mg of calcium

4 – 8 years         = 800 mg of calcium

9 – 18 years       = 1300 mg of calcium

19 – 50 years     = 1000 mg of calcium  

50+                     = 1200 mg of calcium

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Written by: Healthplus24 team
Date last updated: November 18, 2012

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