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Tips for healthy nails 


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Healthy and beautiful nails speak of your personal hygiene and add an edge to your beauty. Nails are made up of keratin protein which tends to wear off when you do not take proper care of your nails. Biting nails, exposing them to chemicals, going overboard with manicure techniques, etc. make your nails weak and fragile. Therefore, we have come up with some easy-to-follow tips for healthy nails.


Protect your nails

Protection is the first way to restore health of your nails. Your nails are exposed to water, food and everything that you handle with your fingers. You can avoid getting brittle nails with the following steps:


Never chop off your cuticle

Nail cuticles are meant for protecting nails against fungus and germs, so do not cut the cuticle with pedicure tools or rip them off by biting with your teeth, not even pull them down or trim.


Apply tea tree oil

Fungal infection in nails is very common and if you take a little precaution you can save yourself from the pain and inflammation. The best natural is – application of tea tree oil. You can massage your nails and cuticles with a pinch of tea tree oil once or twice a week.


Wear gloves

Always wear gloves while handling any items that might damage your nails- be it chemicals, soaps and detergents, mechanical gears, household goods, etc. Make sure you clean and dry the gloves while using them repeatedly.


Be gentle to your nails

Especially for the female folks- beautiful nails are like ornaments. So take care of them. Do not use your nails to open a lid, poke something, and prick your tooth or to tear anything. Being gentle to nails saves them from breakage and damage.


Never dip you nails in water for long time

Water makes your nails soft. Manicure professionals often insist you to dip your nails for a long time in warm water. Well, this doesn’t help your nails in anyway. Instead you can rinse and clean your nails with mild soap or shampoo and then pat dry immediately.


Trim and file your nails gently. Keep them clean

Trim and shape your nails regularly without damaging the cuticles. Do not allow dirt to accumulate underneath your nails. You can use lemon peel to scrub your nails. File them gently to retain the texture, evenness and smoothness in the edges.


Keep your nails dry and moisturized

Always pat dry your nails after exposing them to water. Do not forget to apply the moisturizer over your nails and cuticles. Moisturizing your nails is an excellent way to prevent dryness and brittleness. You can use a regular moisturizer or petroleum jelly for this purpose. 


Boost the health of your nails with vitamins

Vitamin B12 or biotin promotes keratinization process. Research has shown that taking biotin supplements promises strong and thick nails. If your nails are soft and brittle then you might consider consuming vitamin B12 supplements.

Apart from this, you can also pamper your nails with vitamin E treatment. Get some OTC vitamin E capsules, prick the capsule and squeeze out the gel in a bowl. Apply it directly all over your nails or mix it with moisturizer.


Diet for healthy nails

Zinc, vitamin B 12, iron, folic acid and calcium are essential for boosting health of your nails. You must consume dark green vegetables like spinach, broccoli, kale, etc., protein rich foods- chicken breasts, tuna, salmon, soya, etc and quite essentially dairy that includes eggs and milk.

Written by: healthplus24.com team
Date last updated: November 03, 2014

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