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Tips for prevention of motion sickness

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Some people experience general sickness while travelling in car, bus, airplane or ship. The common symptoms are nausea, dizziness, vomiting and general discomfort throughout the body accompanied by some degree of claustrophobia. This happens because the motion in the vehicles disturbs your body’s equilibrium and balance causing the symptoms to arise from your ears. However, the good news is- motion sickness can be managed to a great extent. We tell you how in the next content.


Minimal eating & drinking while travelling

Control your cravings when you are on the go. Never hog on heavy meals or acidic foods during the journey. If it’s a long stretch, then munch on light snacks like crackers, fruits, bread toast, etc. in between. This helps to deal with nausea and vomiting.

Coming to drinks, it is advised to avoid consuming milk as it easily regurgitates inside your stomach and you tend to throw up. Also lessen your intake of tea and coffee, instead opt for herbal cuppa like ginger root tea, lemon grass tea or green tea. Avoid drinking alcohol strictly, if you have motion sickness as it can make tipsy and queasy very quickly.


Protect yourself from odours and smells

Already you are in a closed space where smelling a strong perfume or odour can make it worse. For that matter avoid using strong deodorants or perfumes or cover your nose until the smell vanishes.


Choice of seat

People with motion sickness must avoid rear seat because you experience the jerks of the vehicle at the most in back seats. Pick a front seat or somewhere in the centre of the ship, bus, or plane. You can request your fellow traveller to exchange seats with you under compelling circumstances.

If you have motion sickness, then avoid pairing up with a sick companion. This is because you both cannot help each other in anyway; rather it will make the situation worse.


Maintaining the correct posture

Keep your body calm and composed while travelling. Excessive movements, especially with your head and too much talking can trigger that queasy feeling. So relax with a pillow or a support as much as possible. Avoid bowing down your head while sleeping; instead slouch on your seat. 


Get fresh air, enjoy Nature

Free yourself while travelling. This is where you need to apply the “mind over matter” technique. You have to stop thinking that you are feeling dizzy or sick. In this perspective, open the glass of your car to let fresh air in or spend as much time as possible on the deck of the ship to relish nature. When your mind is soaked in beautiful things around, you certainly feel better.


Keep away gadgets and books

It’s not the right time to put up a show with your gadgets or books, better you leave them in your bags. Do not plug in ear phones or headphones or allow your kids to remain glued to their play stations if they have motion sickness. Reading while travelling can also make you nauseous.


Medicines and emergency

If you are travelling in a ship or airplane, then read the instructions carefully mentioned on how to avoid motion sickness. Also, consult your doctor before embarking on the journey. He/she might give you some OTC anti nausea, anti vomiting pills or antacids which help to manage motion sickness very well.

Written by: healthplus24.com team
Date last updated: August 04, 2014

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