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Home remedies for low blood pressure

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Poor eating habits and lack of nutrition is one of the most common reasons for low blood pressure. The symptoms include dizziness, nausea and vomiting, fainting, lack of energy fatigue, etc. and you will be experiencing them often, until your blood pressure is normalized. However, you can deal with the symptoms in an effort to moderate your blood pressure.

We explain the remedies below: 

Replenish electrolyte levels

Drop in sodium and potassium level is primarily responsible for low blood sugar.  Make your own electrolyte drink at home by adding a pinch of salt and half tea spoon of sugar to a glass of water. Keep drinking throughout the day to overcome nausea and dizziness. You can also have sports drink or get few sachets of electrolyte powder from a chemist store and consume as directed.


Eat small meals, low in carbohydrates

If there’s long gap between your meals, then your blood pressure is likely to drop further.  So keep snacking in between, instead of eating three heavy meals. Avoid eating sugar and carb loaded foods, instead have soups, sprouts, eggs, milk, and fruits and vegetables rich in minerals.


Drink caffeinated beverages

Caffeine is known to raise blood pressure. Thus, you can increase consumption of your daily cuppa of tea and coffee from one to 2 or 3 for time being, or you might consider sipping a cup of dark coffee before going to bed to avoid dehydration. However, make sure you do not go overboard with it. It’s better to have after meal and not in empty stomach


Cut down on alcohol

Consuming too much alcohol is one of the key reasons behind hypotension. If you are looking for a home remedy for the symptoms, then you have to cut back on alcohol


Natural therapies

  • Drink pomegranate juice to combat dizziness and boost your energy levels
  • Have a handful of salted almonds every day or drink almond milk every morning
  • Chew a handful of Holy Basil (tulsi) leaves daily
  • Carrot juice and beetroot juice also help to normalize blood pressure


Slow down while changing position

You will feel dizzy while changing your body postures, like waking up from bed, getting up from a chair or while sitting on the floor. Therefore, do not move your body with a jerk; rather change position slowly and consciously. Avoid standing for long time, take breaks and rest in between. Limit exercise to normal freehand stretching and breathing techniques.


Compression stockings – only with your doctor’s permission

Support stocking or compression stockings normalize blood circulation inside veins and arteries. The socks are tight fit and the exert pressure on the feet, legs, and abdomen which in turn elevates blood pressure. Wear compression stocking only if your doctor recommends.

These are some home remedies that help to you to deal with low blood pressure. However, worth to note that your doctor might prescribe medicines to raise your blood pressure and therefore, you need to consume them as directed.

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Written by: healthplus24.com team
Date last modified: July 18, 2014

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