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Foods to Raise Blood pressure

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If your blood pressure has tipped down then it’s quite a challenge to raise it with natural means. You have to consume those foods that help to uplift your blood pressure in a consistent manner without causing a sudden spike or affecting other vital parameters of your body.

We have customized a diet plan here for you which will gradually elevate your blood pressure to normal levels.


Drink water and electrolytes

Let’s first analyse the reason behind your low blood pressure. Are you not drinking enough water or the electrolyte levels in your body have dripped? Time to fix it with the following tips: 

  • Increase your water intake to stabilize your blood pressure. Make sure you are consuming at least 10 glasses daily.
  • Get few sachets of electrolytes from a pharmacy and drink it as instructed in the packet.
  • You can have salt to raise your blood pressure. Add a pinch of salt to a glass of water and drink it. But remember to check with your doctor regarding the dosage.
  • Sports drinks contain electrolytes. They are safe for low blood pressure patients.


Cereals, grains and pulses

We certainly do not insist you to consume refined products; however they are safe in moderate amounts when it comes to raising your blood pressure. Nonetheless, prefer having whole grains. Pick the foods from the list below: 

  • You can eat cornflakes, oatmeal, bran, wheat products like whole wheat pasta and bread
  • Grains and pulses like chickpea, kidney beans, black-eyed beans and “daal or lentils” are also recommended for managing low blood pressure. Being rich in minerals and vitamins they help to overcome weakness and dizziness
  • You should have proper meals and make sure you are having brown rice or white rice once a day


Dairy products

You should increase consumption of dairy products because they help to stabilize your blood pressure. Have butter, cheese and milk in good portion, unless you have a problem with your cholesterol. Make sure you are eating a boiled egg (preferably pasture variety) daily. This not only elevates your blood pressure but also boosts your energy.


Eat meat in moderation

Your doctor might recommend increase in consumption of animal meat like beef, lamb and mutton for a certain period of time if low blood pressure has accounted from inadequate nutrition. Thus, you can enjoy your favourite dishes for sometime without risking your heart health.


Point to remember

  • Always eat small meals at frequent intervals and do not keep your stomach empty for long time
  • Your diet will be customized keeping into account other health concerns if you are suffering from
  • Even if you are having low blood pressure, avoid gorging on saturated fat and unhealthy card loaded foods like French fries, junks, cakes, pastries etc.

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Written by: healthplus24.com team
Date last updated: August 04, 2014

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