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Treat Low Blood Pressure to Lead Healthy Life

Blood pressure is the pressure or force exerted by blood against blood vessels that result in causing pumping of the heart. Blood pressure keeps in rising with every heartbeat and falls when the heart relaxes.

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Low blood pressure, commonly referred as hypotension, is referred to that condition when the readings of the blood pressure are below the normal level.

According to the American heart Association normal blood pressure level lies below (120/80mm Hg). And if the blood pressure level is below 90/60, then it is said that a person is suffering from low blood pressure.

When the blood pressure of the body starts falling rapidly, then it is termed as condition of orthostatic hypotension. Also referred as postural hypotension, symptoms of the disorder are experienced when a person stands up after lying or sitting for a long period of time. Although, the condition is commonly observed in older adults, younger generations are at equal risk.

If the necessary step is not taken within stipulated time period, then the condition may get worse resulting in causing severe hypotension.  Therefore, it is important to treat the condition after gaining adequate knowledge about the causes.

Symptoms of low blood pressure

It is important to disclose that, it does happen that sometimes low blood pressure does not show any symptoms. However, in most of the cases person experience its various symptoms.

It is advised if you experience any of these below assorted symptoms, then do not forget to consult with health professionals:

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Causes of low blood pressure

Main causes of the low blood pressure can be summarized as:

Diagnosis of low blood pressure

Main aim of performing diagnosis test is to find out the main reason of low blood pressure, so that accordingly treatment can be carried out. The health professionals conduct a number of tests; some of them are summarized below:

Once the main reason of the problem is identified, then accordingly treatment has been suggested by the health professionals.

Ways to treat Low blood pressure

Fortunately, the problem can be treated effectively by host of ways.

Some of the ways can be described as

  • Taking medications,
  • Increased intake of salt and fluids like water,
  • Balanced and nutritious diet, etc.

Medications like Sertraline (Zoloft), Beta-blockers (Atenolol), fludrocortisone (Florinef), etc are recommended by health professionals. However, it is important to disclose that these medications are recommended by professionals, depending upon the patient’s medical history, age, etc.

Regular physical exercise in the form of swimming, cycling, walking, etc also aids in preventing the low pressure condition.

Following natural home measures also play significant role in controlling blood pressure level.

Drinking, two times in a day, a cup of beetroot juice, enjoying baths of Epsom salt, more intake of vitamin C, protein and all Vitamins of the B group, etc are natural and homemade measures help in maintaining the normal blood pressure level. It is necessary to take apt treatment lest a person has to face serious complications.

Home remedies for low blood pressure

Complications of low blood pressure

If the blood pressure is not maintained, then it may lead to the death of a person also. When the blood pressure is low, then due to insufficient supply of oxygen, body is unable to perform its normal functioning. This results in fainting and, sometimes, death of a person.

Prevention of low blood pressure

One can lead a normal life without suffering from the condition if certain prevention measures are taken timely. It is advised to drink plenty of fluids, consume suffice quantity of salt, indulge in physical form of exercises, etc in order to prevent the condition. For gathering more knowledge about low blood pressure, just browse the web.

Summary- Insufficient blood pressure in the arteries results in causing low blood pressure. A person suffering from the condition experiences symptoms like dizziness, blurred vision, etc. The condition can be treated successfully by taking certain medications. Natural home remedial measures are also followed by people o get respite from the condition.

Foods to raise low blood pressure

Written by: healthplus24.com team

Date last updated: December 29, 2014

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