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10 liver cleansing foods to detoxify the system

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One of the most vital functions of your liver is – detoxification of your system. Even if you are having a perfectly functional liver, you can incorporate certain foods that preserve the health of your liver in the long run and essentially cleanses it from harmful toxins, carcinogens and free radicals accumulated inside your system from eating junks, sugars, smoking or exposure to dangerous substances.

Check out the top 10 liver cleansing foods below:

1. Green tea

Green tea is a magical beverage for your liver. Being loaded with plant flavonoids and a plethora of antioxidants, it boosts your liver function and protects your liver cells from getting damaged by toxin overload. The best way to cleanse your liver naturally is by drinking fresh green tea once daily sans sugar.

The magic of green tea

2. Broccoli

Cruciferous foods offer holistic benefits to your health and when it comes to cleansing your liver; broccoli is a huge hit. Broccoli is a natural source of glucosinolates which purify your body from harmful carcinogens. You can eat Brussels sprouts as well for receiving the same benefit. 

3. Carrots and beet roots

Bright colored carrots and beet roots are ideal for boosting efficiency of your liver. You should eat them daily as a part of your salads or detox menu. Being rich in glutathione, flavonoids and anthocyanins, carrots and beet would take care of your liver functions and ensure that your body is free from toxins.

Health benefits of beet root

4. Garlic

No matter how pungent it would smell, garlic is an excellent liver cleansing food as it’s enriched with natural compound -allicin and the microelement selenium. Furthermore, the sulfur content of garlic is also high which further activates your liver enzymes to enhance the detoxification process.

Health benefits of garlic

5. Ginger

Ginger is that spice that solves a wide range of health ailments and improves overall functioning of your body. You can have ginger root tea or have the juice diluted with water or chew some dry flakes in order to boost the functioning of your liver. In Ayurvedic healing, ginger is used as a treatment for fatty liver disease.

Health benefits of ginger

6. Grapefruits

The reason why grapefruit is an excellent liver cleansing food is due to its high vitamin C content. Your liver is protected from infections and vitamin C being an antioxidant also improves its ability to ward off toxins. Thus, consider having grapefruits or their juice regularly to protect your liver.

Natural wonder: Grape fruit

7. Olives

Eat olives, be it green or black for maximum liver protection. Olives are enriched with omega 3 fats and vitamin E which are essential for improving the function of your liver. Also remember to cook your food in olive oil or you can also use it to dress your salads and other recipes.

8. Lemons

Your liver cleanse diet is incomplete without lemons as they are the best natural detoxifying agents. You can juice out half a lemon and blend it with water and a teaspoon of honey to boost the health of your liver.

Health benefits of lemons

9. Walnuts

Walnuts are probably the most nutritious of all tree nuts that prove extremely beneficial for your liver and overall digestive health. There are so many ways to include walnuts in your food other than simply chewing them. Add this liver smart ingredient to your salad or sandwiches to receive all the goodness.

Health benefits of walnuts 

10. Dandelion root

Dandelion root tea is a herbal cleanse for your liver. This Ayurvedic medicine helps your liver to get rid of the toxins fast and promises holistic cleansing of your body. You can consume the tea twice or thrice a week if not every day.

Written by: healthplus24.com team
Date last updated: September 06, 2014

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