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Complications of lasik eyre surgery

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LASIK or laser in situ keratomileusis, is a highly complex eye surgery where an eye surgeon uses laser beam to correct the shape of your cornea to treat the refractive error and solve your vision problem. This modern scientific technique although has eliminated the need to wear contact lenses and heavy glasses, might also induce certain complications in eyes.  

At the same time it’s worth to mention the complications weigh less than the benefits, nonetheless one needs to discuss those with doctors before undergoing the surgery.

We illustrate the complications of LASIK surgery below:


Improper correction of corneal tissues

There are two types of problems that an individual might encounter with LASIK, which include: 

  • Overcorrection: Too much removal of the corneal tissue in an attempt to fix the refractive error
  • Undercorrection: Inadequate excision of corneal tissue which is why the problem remains unresolved

Due to the aforementioned problem, your vision quality is not adequately improved and you would need to undergo another enhancement surgery


Post operative complications of LASIK

Even if your surgery goes perfectly right, LASIK doesn’t give you the best vision as you would get with wearing contact lenses or glasses. Some post operative complications that you would experience are: 

  • You can see glare, halos or experience double vision while focusing on bright objects like lights
  • Increased sensitivity to light
  • Fluctuation in vision
  • Difficulty in driving at night
  • Reduced vision due to frequent drying of eyes. The syndrome might persist and get worse afterwards, which again demands medical attention
  • Some people experience severe pain in eyes after LASIK if something goes wrong during the operation


Complications with LASIK flap

Traumatic flap complications after LASIK have been reported in some patients. An incision is made in cornea which is incapable of healing completely, it just forms a tiny scar tissue near the LASIK flap which further secures the flap in the same position. However, a few people after many years of undergoing surgery have complained of dislocation of the LASIK flap as it doesn’t completely bind with the cornea. Trauma occurs with infection and inflammation at the site of the flap. In worst cases, a person might lose vision due to severe LASIK flap trauma. However, this is again a rarest of rare instance.


The effects may not be permanent

Although rare, but we cannot neglect this kind of complication of LASIK. It usually occurs in people with farsightedness with progressing age. If vision complications are observed after undergoing LASIK, then the individual might require another surgery or you would again have to wear contact lenses.

Note: Your doctor will conduct a thorough analysis of your health and examine your eyes very carefully before selecting you to be the right candidate for LASIK. The surgery is performed by extremely trained doctor who guarantees precision of the operation. Your doctor will also explain you the post operative precautions that you need to follow to reduce the complications.

Written by: healthplus24.com team
Date last updated: July 29, 2014

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