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Living with kidney disease

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Once you have been diagnosed with kidney disease, your life would revolve around taking many different steps to improve the health of your kidneys. In this perspective, you have to educate yourself to take care of your kidneys.

So how do you live with kidney disease? We explain you here.

Keep a check on your cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure

Rise in cholesterol can aggravate the health of your kidneys. Plan a diet that would not spike up your cholesterol. Similarly, you need to monitor your blood pressure and try to maintain it within normal levels.

People who have diabetes and kidney disease simultaneously need to be extra careful about rise in blood glucose. Apart from taking your medicines on time, you should go for regular walking to keep those problems at the bay.

Watch your diet

When kidneys do not function properly, then problem of nutrient build up in the blood is quite likely to occur. Under such circumstances, you have to limit intake of protein, phosphorous, sodium, potassium, and fluids in your diet. Doctors, will precisely give you a “kidney friendly diet”

So what does “kidney friendly diet” consist of?

Limit intake of phosphorous rich foods like meat, poultry, dairy, beans, dried vegetables and fruits. Usually phosphorous intake is limited to 1000 mg per day. You might need to take phosphorous binder medication with every meal and snack.

High potassium foods like bananas, tomatoes, avocadoes, prunes, oranges, nuts and beans will be restricted. The same applies to intake of sodium. You need to execute the “No added salt” principle while eating foods. Salt loaded foods like fries, canned and frozen foods, pizzas are a big NO.

Coming to protein, you cannot staunchly limit it. Your doctor will let you know how much protein your kidney can tolerate without causing further damage to your health.

If you are having kidney disease, then it will be tough for you to eliminate fluid from your body. This is why living with kidney disease means restricting fluid intake to prevent swelling and rise in blood pressure.

Stay away from tobacco products and quit smoking

The health of your kidneys substantially improves when you stay away from tobacco products and cigarettes. It also checks blood pressure elevation.

Control alcohol intake and get rid of addictions

Drinking alcohol can worsen your kidney disease. So limit it to one drink in day and at the same time make a conscious effort to get rid of other addictions.

Physical activity and healthy weight

Your doctor might suggest you certain exercises that would improve the function of your kidneys. Get going on those exercises. However, going on a brief walk would also bring about the necessary improvement.

When you incorporate physical activity in your life, your weight is also managed. As a consequence, other factors controlling kidney disease remain under the blanket.

Monitor your health

When you take your medicines daily, then you are bound to notice improvement in your health. It’s important for you to monitor your health under every circumstance. In this regard, when you go for health check-ups, ensure that you are free from anaemia and bone disease.

Stay positive and feel food

Coping with long term treatment including dialysis for chronic kidney disease may bring about a great deal of emotional changes within you. It’s normal for a person to get drained off positive energy or get momentarily discouraged. But, in these trying times, you need to push yourself to remain positive and endure...Stay in happy company of your loved ones and feel good.

Sort out with your doctor if you have any doubt regarding daily living. All the best!

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Written by: Saptakee sengupta
Date last updated: January 27, 2015

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