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Home remedies for Dyspepsia

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Dyspepsia is the Greek word for indigestion. Dyspepsia - a common disease can affect anyone and everyone irrespective of gender or age. Irregular lifestyle, eating habits and stress are some of the reasons for this condition.

Over eating and eating wrong food combinations mainly lead to Dyspepsia. In this condition, usually after eating, the patient feels that he has eaten more and he also feels problem in breathing. This will lead to a nauseating feeling with a sour taste and bad breathe. These symptoms are also accompanied by constipation and gas trouble.

Dyspepsia can be cured with some remedies that can be easily done at home.

Here are some of the ingredients that prove to be the effective home remedies for Dyspepsia - 


Ginger is the best home remedy for indigestion or dyspepsia and is easily available in every house. Eat a piece of ginger with a little salt before meals to help in easy digestion. Alternatively, eating ginger with honey is also the best medicine for indigestion. A teaspoon of dry ginger powder mixed with a few drops of honey also cures Dyspepsia.  



Have lemon juice with salt and crushed ginger to ease the discomfort caused due to indigestion. Lemon juice when mixed with half a cup of water proves very effective in preventing the formation of bacteria and acids. 


Ajwain or carom seeds:

Ajwain is a natural medicine for reducing gas trouble caused due to indigestion. Take a teaspoon of ajwain with glass of lukewarm water, it helps in improving digestion.


Fenugreek seeds:

Eating soaked fenugreek seeds can give an instant relief from Dyspepsia.



Buttermilk is good for curing digestion related problems. You can also add a pinch of pepper and cumin seeds powder to the buttermilk. Three- four small portions of buttermilk a day can relieve the discomfort of Dyspepsia.



Pudina is very effective for digestion. A mix of mint juice and lemon juice with honey can help in curing Dyspepsia and gas troubles.


Basil leaves:

Basil leaves are known for their medicinal values. Chewing fresh basil leaves with peppercorns after meal can cure indigestion problems. 


Pineapple is the best known appetiser and it can also improve digestion and trigger hunger. Eating pineapple with pepper powder and salt can assist in curing dyspepsia. 

Drinking plenty of water:

Indigestion can be cured by drinking lot of water. Stomach pain caused due to indigestion can be treated with sufficient intake of lukewarm water. Water helps in washing out the toxins from the digestive tract. 

In case of acute Dyspepsia, special care must be taken to avoid spicy foods, milk and sugary aerated drinks etc as these can increase the discomfort. It is important to understand the need for timely intake of limited quantity of foods. These home remedies can help in curing the Dyspepsia without needing to take medicines. 

Written by: Healthplus24 team
Date last updated: August 06, 2013

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