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Foods that make indigestion worse


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Indigestion is a symptom of gastroesophageal reflux disease. The lower oesophageal sphincter muscle fails to stop upward flow of stomach acids and thus, you suffer from acidity, indigestion, gas, etc. Your digestion process to a large extent is dependent on your food habits. If your eating habits are bad then you suffer from indigestion bouts way too often. This is why you should know the foods that make indigestion worse.


Milk triggers acidity. This is because milk contains lactose. People who suffer from GERD problems are advised not to consume too much milk in a day for the lactose is difficult to digest which in turn triggers gas and bloating. You should also avoid sour cream and high fat cottage cheese.

Instead opt for lactose free milk or have low fat curd, cheese or buttermilk. These products are better tolerated by the body.


Acidic foods
You can well reckon the effect of consuming acidic foods when you’re already suffering from acidity. The whole range of acidic foods includes tomato, citrus foods like oranges, grapes, lime, lemon, etc, vinegar, dips and all types of sauces. Cranberry juice, orange juice, grapefruit juice, etc. are simply not for you.

You have to cut back on these foods to not get bothered by indigestion symptoms.


Vegetables to avoid
Some vegetables are notorious for producing gas inside your stomach and they essentially are cabbage, radish, cauliflower and broccoli. Similarly fried potatoes or French fries also make indigestion worse.


Animal fat and fast foods
High fat foods are certainly not recommended for you. Even if the protein is fried, it would induce indigestion problems. Ground beef, fried chicken- nuggets, popcorns, Buffalo wings, marbled sirloin and other processed items of meat are certainly not recommended for you. 


Beverages- alcoholic and non alcoholic
The American Gastroenterological Association says that, “alcohol can affect the action of the lower esophageal sphincter muscle.” Any alcoholic beverage when consumed too much on regular basis would aggravate your indigestion and GERD symptom. Be it beer, rum, whiskey, gin, cocktails, etc. you need to drink in absolute moderation.

Caffeine rich non alcoholic beverages do no good to your stomach, instead when you drink too many cups of tea and coffee the acidity problem is only aggravated. You should also avoid drinking soda, colas and carbonated drinks as much as possible.


Sugars beat nausea and dizziness, but at the same time they also make indigestion worse. Thus, you need to give rest to your sweet tooth to settle down your stomach. Avoid eating too many chocolates, ice creams, candy bars, wafers, cookies and cakes, etc. to reduce indigestion problems.

Also check out foods and drinks that have been artificially sweetened. Try to eat them as less as possible.


Spicy food
Indian, Thai, and Mexican cuisines are renowned for strong flavours and spices. But eating spice loaded foods everyday is bad for the stomach. They trigger heartburn, acidity, indigestion, bloating, irregular bowels, etc. To mention a few, red chilli flakes, ground spices, cayenne pepper, etc. create all these disturbances in your stomach.

Note: Make sure you talk to your doctor about your indigestion symptoms and know what to eat and how to eat. The mantra is- keep your food simple- add less oil and spice. Eat small meals and consume healthy snacks at frequent intervals. This way you can sort out indigestion.

Written by: healthplus24.com team
Date last updated: November 20, 2014

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