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Healthy Diet Treats Hypoglycemia Completely

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Hypoglycemia, also referred as low blood sugar or low blood glucose, is a condition in which the blood glucose falls below the normal level. 70 and 110 is considered as normal blood sugar level in a person. When enough glucose is not provided to the body, then sugar level falls below the normal level.

Causes and Symptoms

It is commonly believed that hypoglycemia is the outcome of side-effects of certain diabetes medications. Other common causes of low blood sugar level are described below:

  • Excessive use of alcohols
  • Skipping the meals
  • Kidney and liver failure
  • Severe infection

Symptoms experienced during the conditions are:

  • Anxiety
  • sweating
  • hunger
  • difficulty in n speaking
  • dizziness

It is necessary to treat the condition immediately in order to avoid its serious complications.

Treatments of Hypoglycemia

The condition requires prompt treatment. It is important to disclose that by taking adequate hypoglycemia diet, the condition can be treated in the most effective manner. According to Hypoglycemia Support Foundation, it is said that “The main aim of hypoglycemia diet is to keep normal the blood sugar level”. And due to this reason only, the treatment of hypoglycemia primarily focuses on sugar rich diet. Some of the most sough-after treatments of the condition are described below:

  • Instant intake of sugar food- Sugar rich food provides instant energy to the body. Administering 3-4 glucose tablets or foods that are rich is sugar such as sweet fruits, vegetables candies, desserts, cake, brownies etc aids in treating the condition in the fastest manner. Normally, it is observed that within the time span of app.10-12 minutes, symptoms start disappearing.
  • Drinking form of glucose – Consuming glucose in the liquid form also helps in raising blood sugar level significantly. Consuming 4 ounces or ½ cup of any fruit juice, 1 tablespoon of homey or sugar, 1 glassful of water containing sugar, 8 ounces or 1 cup of milk, etc are other sugar drinks that help in treating the condition adequately.
  • Self-care at home – An undeniable fact is by taking adequate self-care at home, the condition also can be treated easily. Remain physically active, prefer taking small yet frequent meals, eating food rich in fiber and carbohydrates, limiting the intake of sugar rich food on an empty stomach, etc are few ways of treating the condition.
  • Avoiding alcoholic beverages- Guzzling alcoholic beverages, that too on an empty stomach, results in Hypoglycemia after one or two days. Therefore, if one should avoid intake of alcohol beverages, then the risk of causing the condition can be minimized considerably.

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Risk of hypoglycemia can be prevented notably by knowing the exact causes of low blood sugar level. In addition to this, by inculcating the following habits in a daily routine, the condition can be prevented.

  • Checking blood sugar level regularly- It is necessary to keep checking the blood sugar level regularly in order to avoid the serious complications.
  • Checking levels during workouts- Checking sugar level before, during and after the workouts helps in preventing hypoglycemia’s risk.  Do not forget to eat snacks, rich is sugar, after workouts for bringing the sugar level to a normal level.

So, at last it can be said by take sugar rich diet and follow certain precautions in order to get respite from hypoglycemia.

Summary- A person is said to be suffering from hypoglycemia when his blood sugar level falls below normal level. By consuming sugar rich diet, the condition can be treated easily. The condition does not cause any life-threatening results.

Written by: Saptakee sengupta
Date last updated: April 12, 2015

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