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Blood Clotting Factors

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The blood clotting factors are inactive forms of proteolytic enzymes. When they are converted to active forms, they cause the cascade reactions of the clotting process.

Table 1 shows the blood clotting factors and their alternate names.

Table 1: Blood clotting factors and their alternate names

Blood clotting factors - Alternate names

Fibrinogen - Factor I

Prothrombin - Factor II

Tissue factor - Factor III

Calcium - FactorIV

Factor V - Proaccelerin, labile factor

Factor VII - Serum prothrombin

Factor VIII - Antihemophilic factor

Factor IX - Plama thromboplastin component, Christmas factor

Factor X - Stuart factor

Factor XI - Plasma thromboplastin antecedent

Factor XII - Hegeman factor

Factor XIII - Fibrin-stabilizing factor

Prekallikrein - Fletcher factor

Highmolecularweight kininogen - Fitzgerald factaor


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Date last updated: March 12, 2015

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