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Home Remedies for Hemorrhoids

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Hemorrhoids are varicosities (swelling and inflammation) in the veins of the anus and the rectum. In simpler words, the veins in your rectum and anal canal swell up, causing discomfort, pain, a burning sensation and a particular difficulty when you try to pass a bowel movement. They are also called ‘piles’ in simpler terms.

While more serious cases of hemorrhoids need to be consulted to a doctor, at the earlier stages, certain home remedies can help relieve you of the problem. There are many that you could find, these are the top five.

Do not avoid going to the bathroom:

Withholding a bowel movement seems like a solution to the problem. Often because passing a bowel movement, when suffering from hemorrhoids is a painful affair. However, withholding it will only increase the discomfort further. So, it is essential that despite the pain, when you find the need to go to the bathroom, you go. Nonetheless, if you need to strain yourself in order to pass a bowel movement, avoid it. Once you are done, ensure that you thoroughly clean yourself. Cleanliness will avoid any further complications from occurring. Inflammations tend to increase when thorough cleanliness is not maintained.

Prop legs up when passing a bowel movement:

An ancient solution to the hemorrhoids problem is propping your legs up when you defecate. This helps the bowel movement complete itself faster, and also helps you keep the area cleaner. You can use a stool and keep it in the front of your toilet seat. Keep your feet on the stool and sit on the seat. This will help keep your legs propped up.


Use Apple Cider Vinegar:

Cleaning the area with apple cider vinegar helps restore the pH balance. This in turn helps get rid of the hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are often a symptom of Candida overgrowth. This problem can be solved by bringing a pH balance in the area. Using a soft tissue or a soft cloth, with apple cider vinegar on it, gently cleaning the area, can allow one get relieved from the problem.

Say no to Toilet Paper:

Toilet paper tends to cause further friction on the already inflamed area. More so, when the area is wet, there is a chance that pieces of the toilet paper may be left back, causing more chances of infection. When suffering from hemorrhoids, it is best to use water, preferable cool, to wash the area. Once clean, you can use a soft cloth to gently tap the area dry.

The Magic of Aloe Vera:

Applying aloe vera on the anus can greatly help reduce the swelling and the pain. More so, being completely natural, aloe vera will have no side-effects whatsoever. You can apply it every couple of hours to keep the inflammation down for long enough. Aloe vera also gives a cooling effect causing the varicosity to come down. 

itz bath

Other than these, it is strongly suggested that one take a “sitz bath” atleast 2 times a day. A sitz bath is where in one sits in warm water, with their hips and buttocks well immersed for atleast 15 minutes. This will greatly help ease the discomfort, as well as heal the varicosity to quite an extent.


Hemorrhoids are a very common problem. Being embarrassed about it will not help solve it. Despite the home remedies, it is often preferred that one consults a doctor about it. Ask the doctor for non-medical home remedies that best suit you, and they will gladly help you with it.

Written by: Healthplus24 team
Date last updated: November 17, 2012

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