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Life after coronary bypass surgery

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You will be retained in the hospital for a day or two after the coronary bypass surgery. Your vital parameters will be monitored and once your health is stable you will be discharged. Before going home, your doctor will talk to you about living with coronary bypass surgery. We have thrown light for patients regarding the same over here...

Cardiac rehab sessions

You need to attend cardiac rehab sessions for 4-6 weeks and it will be scheduled by your doctor. It’s a holistic after care regimen that will involve a panel of doctors and therapists-  which could be occupational therapists, dieticians, etc. The lifestyle changes and fitness regimen suggested by doctor would improve your life way better than normally doing things at home. The exercise training and diet improve cardiac circulation and help maintain the vital parameters within a normal range. However, the effectiveness of the program depends on your dedication as well.

Changes in your lifestyle

No smoking: An important change in your life – yes you have to give up smoking if you want to preserve the health of your heart.

Maintaining healthy weight: If you are overweight then you have to lose with the diet and lifestyle recommended by your doctor

Drink in moderation: No more binge drinking and booze parties, remember you have got a fresh lease of life. You can have a peg of red wine is permitted by your doctor.

Control blood sugar level: This risk factor needs to be controlled and you will certainly know how to stabilize blood sugar level by regulating your diet.

Control cholesterol: Another risk factor that you need to knock out by all means is- bad cholesterol.  The management guidelines offered by your doctor will help you to achieve healthy cholesterol levels.

Stress free life: Indulge in meditation and self care activities. If your job life is hectic then you should look for a change, because you health always comes first. Apart from this, indulge in hobby activities, spa and relaxation therapies.

Physical activity: You will be guided to the physical activities that you can perform post surgery during your cardiac rehab program. However, once you are fit to move, you can go for walking daily. People usually start feeling better within 4-6 weeks post surgery.

Diet after coronary bypass surgery

Your diet will be designed as per your health. However, you need to eliminate foods that pose threat to your heart health and make you gain weight. Deep fried foods, red meat, junks, high fat foods like cheese, etc, sugar loaded foods like cakes, chocolates, etc. aerated drinks, etc. will be a big NO for you. All you have to do is- eat healthy vegetables, omega fats, protein and plenty of fruits. It’s highly recommended to switch over olive oil for daily cooking. 

Taking care of your wound

The incision site will take time to recover. Therefore, your doctor will give you all the instructions about taking care of the wound before discharging you from the hospital. In general, avoid scratching the wound, lifting heavy things off the floor, wearing rough fabric, etc. Make sure your caregiver also knows the instructions given your doctor.

Take your medicines as directed

Yes, you will be under medication post coronary bypass surgery. They could be blood pressure lowering or anti cholesterol pills, beta blockers, aspirin, etc. Whatever be the drug, make sure you consume it exactly as directed by your doctor. Know the precautions, the dose instructions, what to do when overdosed or missed dose, and other important factors about the drug.

Written by: healthplus24.com team

Date last updated: December 17, 2014

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