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Heart healthy diet

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Following guidelines helps to keep heart healthy 

  • Fiber rich food items like whole grains, legumes and nuts should be chosen 
  • High intake of fresh fruits and vegetables is recommended.
  • Walnut, is often recommended due to its cholesterol lowering properties. It is also a good source of antioxidants and alpha-linolenic acid.
  • Saturated fats found in animal products should be avoided.
  • Trans fatty acid found in hydrogenated fats etated and many commercial products and fast foods should be avoided.
  • Unsaturated fats especially omega-3 fatty acids found in vegetable and fish oils are recommended.
  • In selecting proteins, choose soy protein, poultry, and fish over meat. A 2006 study found that soy does not help improve cholesterol. However, experts still recommend it as a heart healthy food choice.
  • Weight control, quitting smoking, and exercise are essential companions of any diet program.

Written by: Healthplus24 team
Date last updated: June 04, 2012

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