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Myths and facts about hair loss

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How do we define hair loss? Simple- you’re shocked seeing cluster of hair strands stuck in your comb with every stroke, your bathtub is filled with hair after shampooing or a heap of hair comes out after oiling. And then you start worrying...You rush to a nearby salon to find immediate solace without analyzing the cause of your hair loss.

For your help we have busted out some common misconceptions about hair loss which will further help you take the right step towards restoring your hair.


Myth: Shampooing can cause hair loss

Fact: Shampooing doesn’t trigger hair loss. The hair you are losing every day is normal and new hair comes out as per the biological pattern of hair loss. However, different shampoos have different effect on your hair; so it’s wise to opt for a mild shampoo containing minimum chemicals. Dab on the shampoo and use your fingers gently to clean your scalp to avoid hair breakage.


Myth: My hair loss is the reason behind those visible bald patches

Fact: Hair loss won’t directly make you bald; rather several other factors are associated behind baldness. Scanting of hair occurs when your hair follicles do not replace the lost hair with good quality hair. Simply put, the new growth of hair is very thin and fine which is why your scalp eventually becomes visible. Thus, hair loss and baldness although interconnected are two different aspects.


Myth: I have inherited my hair loss from my mother

Fact: The statement is partially correct as your mother’s genes play a dominant role. Baldness is certainly due to hereditary but the gene responsible for your hair loss can come from paternal and maternal side both. Thus, there’s always a possibility to experience baldness if your paternal line has experienced the same.


Myth: Hair loss can happen from wearing caps and helmets

Fact: This is one of the biggest myths that people tend to think true. Wearing skull cap rather protects your head and hair from whatsoever the damaging cause might be. When you wear helmet, your hair is rather protected against sun, pollution and wind which knots up your hair very badly. So, keep this thought off from your head. 


Myth: Testosterone related hair loss is only experienced by males

Fact: It would be untrue to blame the hormone testosterone for your hair loss. Rather the culprit behind is - dihydrotestosterone or DHT- a hormone and natural compound of testosterone. If your hair follicles are sensitive to DHT, then sooner or later your hair follicles will start dying and bald patches would be visible. This phenomenon is experienced by both men and women and factors like stress, vitamin deficiency, taking additional testosterone supplements, child birth, etc. are some trigger factors.


So what is the bottom line?

  • Be gentle on your hair. Oil your hair regularly; avoid exposing your strands to chemicals and heat. Make sure your scalp is clean and dandruff free.
  • We would recommend you to see a doctor or dermatologist to know the exact cause behind your hair loss; instead of consulting hair expert at beauty salons.
  • Focus on your diet; eat foods rich in healthy proteins; consume soya products and fruits and vegetables rich in calcium, iron and vitamin B complex.

Written by: healthplus24.com team
Date last updated: September 03, 2014

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