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Can dandruff cause hair loss

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Dandruff and hair loss are closely connected with each other. While dandruff might not contribute directly to losing hair, it can create certain unfavorable conditions in your scalp due to which you lose hair. Let’s analyze how dandruff can cause hair loss.


What causes dandruff?

The reasons why you get dandruff are: 

  • Too much oil in scalp attracts dirt and grime in your hair and if you do shampoo your hair often then you are bound to get dandruff
  • On the contrary, you get dandruff if your scalp is excessively dry and you are not nourishing it properly. Those white flakes of skin will cover your hair and scalp soon
  • Dandruff is also a side effect of certain hair re growth medicines and hair care products. It is indeed the worst situation as you need to stop those medicines to manage dandruff
  • Scalp problems like eczema and psoriasis, allergy to hair care products, overuse of hair gels, etc. can also cause dandruff.


Dandruff and hair loss: How?

The answer is simple. The reasons for dandruff are also the reasons behind your hair loss. Thus, dandruff and hair loss would occur simultaneously. Furthermore, a major reason why dandruff accelerates hair loss is- your scalp itches a lot and sometimes you tend to itch so vigorously that your hair breaks and falls. This is called mechanical hair loss. You will notice strands of hair and dandruff over your clothes very often in that case.

Thus, the remedy for your dandruff induced hair loss is to eliminate dandruff which is quite easy. You can use medicated anti dandruff shampoos or consult a dermatologist for shooting both the problems.

Written by: healthplus24.com team
Date last updated: September 03, 2014

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