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How to avoid eye strain while working on computer

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In today’s generation we cannot imagine life without a computer. Working on a computer for a long time is undoubtedly strenuous for the eyes. Eye strain happens due to plenty of factors which could be- non-ergonomic work space, excessive exposure to computer and not taking proper care of the eyes.

This is why we have given you the solutions to how to avoid eye strain while working on a computer.

Adjust the computer’s visual dynamics

It’s important to know the graphic settings of your computer for getting maximum visual comfort while working on it. Bring down the brightness and improve the colour setting of the computer to avoid straining your eyes.

Increase the font size of your work

The documents and pages you are reading or working on must be large enough to cause no stress to your eyes. So increase the size of the fonts. Make sure you don’t compel yourself to squint your eyes while working.

Position your monitor correctly

We are often not aware of the correct position of the monitor. Doctors say that your computer monitor should be 20 -30 inches from your eyes. You also need to slightly lower your eyes to view the screen.

Make sure your monitor has anti glare filters

If your computer screen is not inbuilt with anti glare shield then buy a polarized shield for it. Your eyes will be protected from the rays reflected by the screen. In this regard, you can also wear an anti-reflective eye gear while working

Work in adequate light

Too much light falling on your eyes while working before computer can also induce eye strain. Do not work in direct sunlight or excessively bright light. Use a curtain or blind to block sunrays falling on your screen or face and avoid working in bright fluorescent light. You can place the source of light by your side instead of placing it directly in the front.  

Avoid working in a dry environment

Lack of humidity in your work space dry your eyes which leads to great deal of eye stress and pain. So make sure the temperature of the air conditioner is set optimally so that it does not make the environment dry. You can also install a humidifier if needed or use OTC tear drops to keep your eyes moist.

Take frequent breaks

Ideally you should move away from your screen every half an hour. If you cannot manage, then take break at least in an hour’s interval for 5-10 minutes or move your eyes away from the screen for some time. This gap is enough to de-stress your eyes.

Blink often

Blinking is an excellent eye exercise. Blink consciously as often as you can. Close your eyes for 2-3 minutes every 20 minutes to get considerable relief from computer induced eye strain. You can also rotate your eyeballs in a circulatory motion in short intervals.

Splash cold water in your eyes

If you want immediate relief, then leave your screen and splash cold water in your eyes. You can do this in a gap of one hour. This prevents drying of eyes and henceforth, strain disappears immediately.

Incorporate the aforementioned changes if needed and you are sure to notice improvement within a short span. However, if you are facing problems with your vision apart from strain, then you must get your eyes checked asap.

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Written by: Saptakee sengupta
Date last updated: January 17, 2015

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