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Eye strain


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Eye strain is something not very uncommon and it is commonly referred as eye fatigue as well. When your eyes are strained, you face difficulty in reading, writing, working before computer, driving and performing other day-to-day tasks.

The medical term for eye strain is asthenopia.


What are the symptoms associated with eye strain?

Eye strain is exactly experienced as tautness and tiredness in the eyes.

Along with this you might be experiencing: 

  • Irritation and itching
  • Eye pain and redness
  • Watery eyes
  • Drying of eyes
  • Problem in focusing
  • Headache
  • Vision problems like blurriness, double vision


What causes eye strain?

Some common reasons of eye strain are: 

  • Working before the computer for a long time
  • Using an over bright computer screen while working
  • Exposure to glaring lights
  • Reading too closely for a long time
  • Driving vehicle for a long time
  • Refractive error in eyes
  • Decreased blinking of eyes


When do you need to see a doctor?

Although there’s no risk associated with strain, you can go for an eye check up if you have been experiencing it continuously.


Diagnosis of eyestrain

Your eye specialist would consider asking you several questions regarding your lifestyle and work habits that could be responsible for the strain. 

The condition of your eyes will be checked with a light for presence of complexities. Furthermore, you will also need to undergo a conventional vision test for detecting refractive errors in the eyes.


What is the treatment for eye strain?

Eye strain usually does not require medical treatment.

The power of your glasses (if you are already wearing) might require alteration or you may be prescribed corrective lenses if refractive error has been found out in your eyes. 

Most importantly, your doctor will recommend correction in your work style and other activities responsible for exhausting your eyes.
Eye drops would be given to relax your eyes.


Self care for eyestrain

Since you have come to know what had been causing so much discomfort in your eyes, you must try to modify them to comfort your eyes. Here are some self care options for eye strain. 

  • Work in an ergonomic work station. Keep your computer screen at 25-26 inches away from your eyes. Decrease the brightness if it has been too high and the screen must be anti-glare.
  • Do not bend your neck while working
  • Never work at a stretch. Splash cold water in your eyes every half an hour. Blink you eyes few times every 5-10 minutes
  • Apply the eye drops in intervals to soothe your eyes
  • Perform the eye exercises which usually involve rotating your eyeballs in circular motion or sideway
  • You can also try this- cut fresh and cold cucumber into round slices or wet a cotton pad in cold water and compress your eyes with either of them. Close your eyes and lie down
  • Make sure you wear your corrective lenses to improve your eyesight and get relief from eye strain
  • Wear goggles while travelling to protect your eyes from pollution and bright sunlight 

Though there are no long term consequences of eye strain, it can hinder your productivity due to the discomfort.

Written by: healthplus24.com team
Date last updated: March 01, 2014


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