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Eye pain


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Eye pain could be experienced very differently, depending upon the source and the reason behind the pain. Consequently it might disappear within a few minutes or could linger for days. Let’s discover more about eye pain in the following content.

How does eye pain feel like?

Eye pain could be throbbing if it arises from deep inside your eyes. You might also experience shooting pain and sense burning and itching simultaneously.

Some other symptoms could be extreme fatigue in the eyes and twitching along with pain. You may also experience blurriness in vision and watery eyes, especially if some foreign objects have entered your eyes.

What causes eye pain?

Common reasons
  • Eye allergies, sty, infections- conjunctivitis 
  • Presence of foreign objects
  • Unable to wear contact lens properly
  • Dry eyes, prolonged use of computer, watching TV, etc.
  • From cluster headache
  • Injury or trauma to eyes
  • Myopia- nearsightedness


Serious conditions

  • Glaucoma
  • From brain injury
  • Brain aneurysm
  • Corneal abrasion
  • Inflammation in iris
  • Diabetic retinopathy
  • Damage or inflammation of the optic nerve
  • Uveitis- swelling of middle layer of the eyes
  • Eyelid turned in (entropion) and out (ectropion)
  • Blockage in tear duct

When to see a doctor?

If your eye pain goes away with splashing some cold water or resting your eyes for a while, then you might not need to see a doctor.

Sometimes the pain lingers and you could be experiencing excessive pain along with decreased vision, nausea or vomiting...Do not delay to knock the door of an eye specialist then.

Diagnosis of eye pain

You doctor will consider examining your eyes thoroughly and ask you several questions related to the condition of your eyes, onset of the pain and the symptoms that you are experiencing.

You must let your doctor know about past history of eye injury or infection and probable past or recent incidence of brain trauma.

Based on the conversation, your doctor will suggest eye tests like slit lamp test, reading Snellen’s chart, etc. Eye drops may be used to dilate your eyes for better visual speculation. Additionally, a tonometry may also be done to check the pressure in your eyes.

If your doctor suspects complications in the brain, then you will have to undergo CT scan and MRI, most probably.

Treatment of eye pain

The treatment is completely dependent on the underlying reason for the pain.

Otherwise common strategies involve curing the infection with medicines or eye drops, removing the foreign objects or providing corrective eye glasses. Eye pain goes off with managing the medical condition.

Self care for eye pain

You must consider resting your eyes if you have been working at a stretch. Close your eyes for some time and blink frequently.

Perform some simple eye exercises, like rotating the eye balls in circles to relax the eye muscles. Avoid facing bright light, which also includes reducing the brightness of your computer monitor.

Splash cold water in your eyes and never rub your eyes to take out foreign particles. Apart from these, use the eye drops suggested by your doctor to soothe the pain.

The pain usually goes away in a day or two if nothing serious is associated. Otherwise, the eye pain will subside along with healing of the concerned medical issue.

Written by: healthplus24.com team
Date last updated: March 01, 2014

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