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Eye exercise for myopia


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Myopia or nearsightedness is an eye problem, wherein the individual will have problem in focusing distant objects, i.e. they will seem blurry or hazy to them. However the vision for nearby objects will be clear. Myopia can normally occur with advancing age or defect in corneal anatomy. The exercises for myopia bring about considerable improvement in vision only if it has resulted from chronic eye fatigue or other reversible factors.

What are the eye exercises for myopia?

Focusing with eyes

There are several techniques for doing this exercise. We list them below:

Eye gazing

Look at the wall and imagine a tiny spot. Stare at the spot without squinting or straining your eyes. Stop gazing for 2 minutes if you’re experience strain. Continue without getting distracted from the spot. Now take your gaze away from the wall to the floor. Focus on one point, blink and focus again.

Finger exercise

This exercise is meant for improving your distant vision. Before doing this, you need to paste a picture or any other object on the wall. Stand at the farthest end of the room from the picture; facing it. Now bring your index finger 6 inches away from your nose. Focus on the tip of the finger and quickly take your gaze away to the picture on the wall. Stand straight and keep looking into the picture without distorting your eyes or moving your body.

Instead of focusing on the object placed on the wall, you can look out of the window to see objects at about 20 feet away.
Peripheral scanning

Your peripheral vision may be weak when you suffer from myopia. So try this exercise in your office or at home. Sit on a chair in the middle of your room or office cabin or in your patio, balcony or garden. Now view each and every object carefully within your periphery. Move your eyes in a circular fashion by focusing on individual objects for 3-4 seconds.

Pencil exercise

This is another wonderful exercise for myopia. Sit down comfortably on the floor and take a pencil. Bring the pencil closest to your eyes and focus on its tip. Now take the pencil away from the eyes slowly. Do not move your gaze away from the tip. At a particular distance, the tip will appear blurry. Focus on that spot. The tip of the pencil at that distance would become comparatively clear when you focus properly and practise it regularly.


Eye muscle exercises

As said above, myopia can result from overstrained eye muscles. Clarity of your eyesight improves considerably when the eye muscles are relaxed. Practise the following exercises:

Eye Rotation

Pretty simple exercise! You need to rotate your eye balls in clockwise and anticlockwise circle 10 times. Another technique is – bring your eyeballs at the corner of your eyes and look only in one side (for example left), gaze for 5 seconds and then take your stare to the other direction (right).

Tracing 8

The technique is similar to that mentioned above. However, you need to trace the figure 8 horizontally with your eyes. You just need to imagine a “lying 8” and “draw” the numerical with your eyeballs. Repeat 5 times with each eye.

Cupping eyes

Sit on a chair or floor. Rub your palm against each other and cover your eyes by cupping with the palm. The warmth in your palm would soothe your eyes.


Objects look blurry when your eyes are strained. So practise blinking every half an hour to notice improvement in your eyesight.

Written by: healthplus24.com team
Date last updated: February 25, 2014

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