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Alternative therapy for indigestion


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Indigestion is a major problem and popping in antacids every time you experience symptoms of bloating, abdominal pain, gas, acidity, etc. is not advisable. Thus, we have come up with some alternative and effective therapies for indigestion over here…


Herbal therapies for indigestion

Artichoke leaf extract

Artichoke leaf extract has been used since ages to soothe indigestion and it certainly works wonders. Artichoke is capable of stimulating bile and passage of food through the intestine. This is how symptoms like bloating, indigestion, heartburn are eased.

Peppermint leaves/extract/oil

If you are looking for an instant relief for indigestion then you must try solving the problem with peppermint. Be it the leaves, extracts or edible oil you can have it along with water to settle down indigestion. Peppermint capsules are readily available in departmental stores and pharmacies.

Licorice, milk thistle, chamomile and marshmallow

The aforementioned herbal products are also known for toning down indigestion. However, it is important to consult your doctor before consuming herbal supplements or the herb itself because they often interfere with medicines.


Quick fix indigestion with home remedies

There are several effective and useful home remedies for indigestion that you can try out to offer yourself some relief.

We have explained them below:

Fennel and carom seeds

One of the best home remedies for indigestion is to chew a handful of fennel and carom seeds. You can also roast fennel and carom seeds and make a powder out of them. Mix half teaspoon in a glass of water and drink it post meals or whenever you experience discomfort.

Baking soda

Baking soda can neutralize stomach acid which often triggers indigestion and acidity. Mix a half teaspoon of baking soda to a glass of water and drink it to get over indigestion.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has the potential to settle down stomach acids and restore the microbial flora of your stomach. Therefore, you can consider this home remedy for indigestion. You can add a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and honey to a cup of water as an alternative to antacids.

Ginger juice

Another excellent remedy for indigestion is ginger. If you are regularly experiencing bloating, acidity, heartburn then have ginger juice with a cup of warm water every day in the morning after waking up. You will experience the difference in a few days.


Yoga techniques for indigestion

There are several postures that boost digestion of food, enhance functioning of the stomach and stimulate proper movement of food inside the intestines.

Vajrasana- It is the best alternate remedy for indigestion and you can perform it immediately after eating. All you have to do is- sit in your knees in “kneel down” position with your heels facing outwards. Rest your hip in between your feet and your palms on your knees. Make sure your back is straight. Maintain normal breathing. Do it for 5-10 minutes every day after eating.

Other yoga techniques that you can incorporate to improve your digestion potential are pavanmuktasana, padahastasana and pranayama. You can learn these techniques from a trainer.


Acupressure and acupuncture techniques

Manipulation of those specific acupressure points is one of the alternative solutions for indigestion. Similarly, acupuncture technique (involves insertion of needles) might also solve symptoms like bloating, gas, acidity, etc.

Note: Make sure you see a doctor if you are experiencing indigestion very often and not depend on home remedies solely to treat yourself.

Written by: healthplus24.com team
Date last updated: November 07, 2014

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