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Ways To Prevent Diabetes

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Diabetes is an alarming heath complication affecting people throughout the globe. It all begins by slightly rise in blood sugar level and gradually spikes up to an abnormal level where you become completely dependent on medicines to bring it down. However, diabetes can be completely avoided. It’s always better to focus towards improving your health and lifestyle before getting trapped by it.

Here’re the best ways to prevent diabetes.

Monitor your Blood Sugar

Sometimes we tend to ignore going for medical checkups. In your mid aged, then you must go for complete heath check-up at least once a year. Get your blood sugar levels checked. If it’s normal then you have nothing to worry about. A slight high is a warning signal for diabetes and therefore, you need to modify your diet and other activities to prevent it from further rising.

Exercise to Maintain Weight

You have to consider exercise as sacrosanct. Squeeze at least half an hour from your busy schedule to for walking, jogging, etc. We also suggest you to do yoga for the same reason. The more you keep your body fit, the lesser is the chance to acquire diabetes. If you are putting on weight, then follow a workout regimen religiously to shed off the extra.

Food to Eat

The first step to prevent diabetes is consciously curtailing your sugar intake. Choose to eat healthy and make it a decision by choice. In a day, you can have one tablespoon of brown sugar and not more than that.  Form your diet by including the following food items

  • Whole grain cereals, beans, lentils
  • Salads with leafy green vegetables
  • Egg whites, tofu, chicken, sea fish
  • Soy milk, fat free milk, yogurt
  • Sugar free herbal teas
  • Apples, melons, oranges, pear, plums, etc.

Food to Avoid

If you are feasting regularly on junk, spicy and carb-rich foods then sooner or later you are bound to develop diabetes. Secondly, give a break to your sweet cravings. Here’s a list of food that you need to stop or reduce intake to make yourself diabetes proof

  • Chocolates, ice creams, cookies, cakes
  • Pizza, burgers and white flour foods
  • Fried foods like French fries
  • Potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn and starchy foods
  • Carbonated drinks, canned juices
  • Sweetened tea and coffee
  • Mangoes, grapefruit, strawberries, raspberries

Quit Smoking and Drinking

Nicotine increases chances of developing Type2 diabetes. It’s indeed difficult to quit smoking overnight. Therefore, begin with reducing your daily numbers and then zero it down someday. Similarly, alcohol is tremendously rich in calories and by all means it makes you susceptible to diabetes.

De-Stress Yourself

Stress is that slow poison that cripples your health by many ways. It increases your blood glucose and blood pressure, thereby pushing you not only to diabetes but also to the risk of getting a heart attack. Lead a stress free life and get rid of tension of office and home because it’s you who will be suffering.

So do you find it that tough to curb diabetes? All we encourage you to do is- lead a healthy life to live long. The earlier you modify your lifestyle the quicker you become diabetes proof.

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Written by: Saptakee sengupta
Date last updated: January 03, 2015

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