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Self-Monitoring of Blood Glucose

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Self-monitoring of blood glucose (SMBG) is a component of effective diabetic management. Through self-monitoring of blood glucose patients can evaluate their individual response to therapy and assess whether glycemic targets are being achieved. Daily self-monitoring of blood glucose is importantfor patients treated with insulin to monitor and prevent asymptomatic hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia. For type 1 diabetes mellitus patients and pregnant women with gestational diabetes mellitus, self-monitoring of blood glucose is recommended three or more times daily.

Monitoring in type 2 diabetes mellitus  need not be as intensive as with type 1 diabetes mellitus  except when the routine pattern is disturbed such as during intercurrent illness, changes in medication and diet. The ideal self monitoring of blood glucose for type 2 diabetes mellitus  patients would be blood glucose estimation before and after each meal. A reasonable approach would include blood glucose estimation at different times of the day on 2–3 days each week.  


Written by: Healthplus24 team
Date last updated: June 03, 2012

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