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Myths and facts about Diabetes

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Diabetes is a disease that is surmounted by several myths which increase people’s apprehensions rather than eliminating it. One needs to know the truth and discard the myths to progress towards reducing the vulnerability towards the disease or rather combating it. This is why we have debunked the myths and presented you the actual facts associated with diabetes.

Myth 1: If your sweet tooth is excessively greedy, then you get diabetes.

Fact: Eating too much sugar is not the sole reason behind developing diabetes. Type 1 diabetes results from destruction of insulin production cells of the pancreas while type 2 diabetes is due to body’s inability to respond to insulin. In both the cases, genetics, lifestyle and environmental factors play a major role in changing the normal mechanism of the body. Obesity is one such factor that triggers risk and to control weight gain you need to limit consumption of sugar.

Myth 2: Special diabetic foods are a must for diabetic people

Fact: What are diabetic foods? They are nothing but foods low in saturated and trans fat, whole grains containing complex carbohydrates and moderate in sugar and salt. Well, you can frame a similar diet very easily by choosing natural foods (vegetables, fruits, etc.) also with your doctor’s guidance. The commercial diabetic foods are over the top expensive.

Myth 3: Diabetics need to forget all varieties of sweet tasting foods

Fact: One can have a defined serving of sweets as per doctor’s advice. If combined properly with exercise and consumed as a part of the meal plan, then chances of sugar spikes do not exist.

Myth 4: Insulin is only needed by people with diabetic

Fact: Insulin shots are suggested mainly to people with type 1 diabetes because their body produces very little or no hormone and type 2 patients need to lower high blood glucose levels. Insulin administration is a measure to manage diabetes. The only difference is that – in normal individuals insulin is produced naturally inside the body in adequate quantity.

Myth 5: People with diabetes should not exercise

Fact: Diabetics must exercise! You need to manage your weight as a part of the treatment plan. Exercise helps the body to use insulin properly to regulate glucose metabolism. Health complications associated with diabetes are greatly reduced with exercise.

Myth 6: People with diabetes are done with the rest of life

Fact: Diabetes is definitely a long term illness with no cure. But that doesn’t mean it cannot be controlled. For this, you need to educate yourself properly and manage your lifestyle and habits in order to stabilize your blood glucose level for longer duration.

Myth 7: Type 1 diabetes is more dangerous than type 2 diabetes

Fact: One cannot judge and differentiate the seriousness of the both types. If you fail to manage diabetes, irrespective of type 1 or type 2, then you are simply pushing yourself to health complications like heart attack, kidney diseases, nerve disorders, etc.

Myth 8: Women with diabetes shouldn’t get pregnant

Fact: Yes, they need to be definitely extra cautious about their health and consult with their doctor before planning for pregnancy. With advancement of medical science, diabetic women can safely conceive a baby.

Myth 9: Diabetes is not a very serious disease

Fact: Death rates of people with diabetes are high. If you do not manage diabetes it can be very much fatal. People die of sudden heart attack and stroke in most cases.

Myth 10: Diabetes treatment and health care plans are expensive

Fact: Treatment is covered mostly in health care plans which can be afforded very easily. Even education classes on diabetes are either free or very nominal money is involved.

All in all, it’s important you educate yourself about diabetes before making any assumption. Know the facts and strive towards managing it in the correct way.

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Written by: Saptakee sengupta
Date last updated: January 17, 2015

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