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How to avoid diabetes complications

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Diabetes if left untreated can lead to major health complications in the long run. High blood sugar can endanger your life by increasing chances of heart attacks, strokes, damaging your kidneys and can also cause permanent loss of vision. To keep the complications at bay, you need to follow the guidelines explained in this article.

They are:

Control your blood sugar

This the most important measure to defend yourself against developing health complications associated with diabetes. The aim is to control A1C levels, which should always read below 7%. In this regard get your A1C checked at least 2-4 times in a year. Secondly, you also need to monitor your blood glucose level regularly and keep it within the healthy range by following the instructions suggested by your doctor.

Keep cholesterol and blood pressure at the bay

When you are diabetic and have high cholesterol and blood pressure at the same time, then it’s extremely important to cut down these life endangering culprits. For this you need to lead a stress free life and eat healthy food that would manage diabetes, cholesterol and blood pressure in the same go.

Quit smoking and stop using tobacco rich products

You can take help from your doctor to know the various ways to get rid of this addiction. Smoking and use of tobacco products enhance diabetes complications which could be nerve damage, heart attack, etc. The early you make an effort to quit smoking the sooner your health improves.

Cut down on alcohol

Consuming excessive alcohol makes you put on weight and therefore you need to cut down on alcohol. Drink in moderation accompanied by a meal to avoid health complications.

Schedule routine check-ups for your body

Preventing diabetes complications doesn’t entail only monitoring blood glucose. You need to get your eyes checked regularly to rule out vision problems. If you are encountering eye problems, then report to your doctor immediately.

Due to high blood glucose, diabetes can pose a major threat to kidneys. Thus, you need to get a microalbumin test done and make sure that your creatinine level is less than 30 micrograms per milligram.

Do not neglect your dental health. Pay frequent visits to your dentists to ensure that your gum and teeth are free of infections and diseases

Watch your feet and protect against foot problems

Diabetes can cause seriously hinder blood flow in your feet and damage the nerves. Soak your feet regularly in warm water to regulate blood circulation and keep them moisturized. Watch out for blisters and wounds. Go for a medical check up if you experience soreness in your feet.

Exercise regularly and eat healthy

These are two natural ways to prevent diabetes complications. Make it a point to go for brisk walks of half an hour daily. Stick to the diet regimen offered by your health care provider. When you eat healthy and exercise daily, your blood glucose levels are automatically controlled.

Beat stress, anxiety and depression

You must aim towards leading a stress and tension free life. You can take up lessons or get some good counselling to deal with such issues. This implies leading a positive, energetic and happy life to protect you from diabetes complications

Lastly, take your medicines religiously

If your doctor has advised some other medicines (like aspirin) other than your regular insulin shots, then make sure you have them without fail. Also make sure that you take necessary vaccines like flu, hepatitis, pneumonia, etc. on time.

Avoiding diabetes complications entails following the complete diabetes management plan in the most conscientious way. If you succeed in doing so, then you are on the safe side to a large extent.

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Written by: Saptakee sengupta
Date last updated: January 17, 2015

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