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Home Remedies For Constipation

Overview of constipation

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Constipation is usually a popular topic of discussion in our daily lives when it comes to healthy living. This is because most of us directly or indirectly face the discomforts caused by it. Most of us consider it to be a temporary indigestion problem. Some people have the good habit of drinking a glass of water every morning when they wake up to facilitate easy bowel movement and thus avoid constipation or indigestion. In the initial stages, constipation usually doesn't interfere with our lifestyle except for occasional episodes of discomfort during bowel movement. However, if ignored for a long time, the seemingly normal constipation can advance to severe stages. In chronic constipation, there is an incomplete elimination of bowel, decrease in the weight, volume and frequency of bowel. Due to incomplete bowel evacuation, toxic wastes can be directly released into the bloodstream. This can cause hosts of diseases like appendicitis, rheumatism, arthritis, high blood pressure, cataract, and even cancer. Medical experts all across the globe have stated that it is necessary to have a healthy digestive system to avoid various types of diseases.


What Causes Constipation?

If we exclude some medical reasons for the problem of constipation in human body, it is majorly a lifestyle disorder. In this fast-paced world, our lifestyle has become overtly hectic. With popularity of fast-foods and pizza culture, home-cooked food has become a thing of the past. Balanced diet has been replaced by refined foods. Moreover, with desk jobs becoming the reality of our work environment, involvement in physical activities has reduced significantly. Also, low fluid intake is a major trigger factor in escalating constipation. If we combine all these reasons, it is easy to figure out why our digestive health has deteriorated in today's world. 


Effective Home Remedies to Cure Constipation

There are indeed several types of medicines recommended by doctors for treating constipation. Even a layman is generally aware of some popular medicines that help in curing digestive problems. However, we can prefer to cure lifestyle related health issues like constipation by including natural or home remedies in our treatment plan. Yes, you'll be surprised to know that there are numerous home remedies for treating constipation. Just look around in your kitchen and garden, ask your grand parents and you'll be able to find useful information about various herbs, plants, fruits and condiments which can be effectively used to get relief in constipation.


Here we brief you with some home remedies for constipation. 

Drink Plenty of Water: Water is a key element that keeps us healthy and of course, alive. 70% of our body is composed of water. It facilitates easy bowel movements, softens stools and helps in digestion by breaking down food so that our body can absorb the key nutrients important for our health. Experts generally recommend an active adult to drink six to eight glasses of water every day. Besides water, other liquids (fruit juices) also help in reducing risk of constipation.

Prefer Grain Products: Whole-wheat bread, whole- grain cereals, barley and vegetables like potato, green peas, corn and beans, which are high in fiber content go a long way in providing relief from constipation.

Include Fruits & Veggies in Diet Plan: Apple and guava have been universally popular for their benefits in curing constipation. While guava should generally be eaten early morning, you should eat apples a few hours after a meal. Besides these natural laxatives, bananas, raisins, berries, apricots, pears, oranges, prunes, broccoli, cauliflower, tomatoes, spinach and carrots also help in preventing constipation.

No Refined Foods Please: It is needless to say that fatty foods in excess amount can severely interfere with a healthy digestive system, so avoid them.

Beans & Honey Work Wonders: Your breakfast should frequently include dried beans, legumes as they're good sources of fiber. Properly cooked beans don't cause any gas and are even good for the heart. A tablespoon full of honey acts as a mild laxative which facilitates bowel movement.

Move Your Body: Watch out your daily routine. Are you involved in any physical activity or you're just too lazy to exercise? By exercising regularly, your internal and external health improves manifold. People who live a sedentary lifestyle face the problem of slow blow movement. The more active you're, better your bowel movements will be. Now don't be a couch potato, don your sports shoes and get moving. Mild jogging, running and walking are simplest exercises to boost your health. You can also try Yoga and breathing exercises, as they're perfect methods to balance the spiritual and physical health.

Hot, Hot Coffee: This is true. Coffee stimulates the intestines and helps in moving you to the restroom. However, remember to limit your coffee intake to maximum 3 cups a day as it drains water from your body.

Some More tips to Avoid Constipation 

  1. Having one or two tablespoon of castor oil, aloe-vera gel is known to provide relief in constipation.

  2. Soak few methi (fenugreek) seeds in water and chew every morning.

  3. Discuss with your GP, if medications you take are causing any side effects. Generally, switching the brand or the dosage helps a lot.

  4. Never ignore the urge to discharge your body waste. If you have a habit of building up waste and waiting for the last moment, it can be one of the possible reasons behind constipation.

  5. Learn to relax and make it a habit to attend nature's call early in the morning. It is a good habit and once your body is tuned to that specific time frame, you'll feel refreshing throughout the day.

  6. Don't go for laxatives without the prescription of your doctor. They may be harmful for your body and can aggravate constipation, if not taken in appropriate dosage.

  7. Limit your alcohol intake to healthy average drinking patterns (1-2 glasses of wine per day).

  8. Avoid eating a high-fat meal more than once a day.

  9. Limit your meat consumption (especially fried meats) to 2-3 times per week.

  10. Maintain a well-balanced diet preferring foods that help you stay healthy. Making a note of foods that suit you in a food dairy will help you to make wise choices in planning your diet. 

Constipation can be prevented by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. However, if you find that even though you follow a healthy lifestyle but your constipation problem continues to exist, you should not hesitate to go for a complete body checkup. A medical practitioner will help you to diagnose the exact cause. Moreover, don't ignore warnings like blood in your stool and painful bowel movements as they are signs of constipation. Stay healthy.

Written by: Healthplus24 team
Date last updated: September 07, 2012

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