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Signs and symptoms of cancer

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The signs and symptoms of cancer depend on the particular type of cancer affecting the person.

The signs and symptoms of certain kinds of cancer are as follows.

Ovarian cancer: Early stages of ovarian cancer is difficult to diagnose, as it shows no symptoms but later on vaginal bleeding, irregular menses, change in bowel habit etc., can be observed.6

Prostrate cancer: Retention of urine, interrupted flow of urine, pain in lower back, pelvis and upper thighs, weight loss.7

Urethral cancer: Retention of urine, nocturia, pain in urethra, swelling, penile or vaginal lesions, frequent urinary tract infection.8

Gall bladder cancer: Chronic gall bladder inflammation, jaundice and weight loss.9

Esophageal cancer: Dysphagia, weight loss, pain in epigastric area, respiratory symptoms.10

Lung cancer: Persistent cough, sputum with blood, chest pain.11

Breast cancer: Lumps in the breast, soreness of the nipples, skin dimpling, breathing difficulties.12

Cervical cancer: Abnormal vaginal bleeding, painful menstrual periods(dysmenorrhea), malodorous discharge, urethral obstruction.13

Nasopharyngeal cancer: Nasal bleeding and obstruction, deafness, headache, swelling in the neck.14

Endometrial cancer: Unusual bleeding, painful menstrual periods.15

Bladder and kidney cancer: Frequent urination, blood in urine, burning sensation and pain during urination.16, 17

Colon cancer: Weigh loss, abdominal discomfort, liver mass, rectal mass, rectal bleeding.18

Leukemia: Anemia, weight loss, bone and joint pain, bleeding from nose, thrombocytopenia, and immune dysfunction.19

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Date last updated: October 05, 2012


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