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10 warning signs of cancer that cannot be ignored

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Cancer is one such disease that comes to our notice only at a later stage. If the cancer detected on time, effective treatment and quick recovery are possible. But we just ignore the signs and warnings send out by our body or at times they are misunderstood.

It has been found that there is an increase in the survival rates when compared to the rates in the last 40 years. The main reason for this is the increased awareness, early detection and advanced treatments. For cancer early detection is very important, the more early it is diagnosed the more effective the treatment will be and the recovery will be faster.

In olden times the cancer victims were people who were 60 years and above, but today there is no age limit anyone can have cancer. There are more than 200 varieties of cancer diagnosed till date with a wide variety of symptoms.  You know your body well and so always keep a watch on the signs and signals that the body sends out. You need to differentiate between the normal changes and abnormal changes that are happening to your body.

Here are some of the early warnings that you should not ignore.

1. Any kind of lumps or swelling in your body that you may feel is growing:

It is advised that you should look for any abnormal growth or lumps or swelling in any part of the body, it can be a cancerous tumor. Women above 40 years are advised to do a self examination of their breast to make sure that there is no growth or changes on their breasts. In men any lumps or growth in the neck and throat area should not be ignored.

2. Abnormal fatigue:

It is noticed that abnormal fatigue and tiredness are related to different types of cancer. Hence if you feel you are too tired and exhausted without any reason, then get a thorough check up done so as to make sure that everything is fine.


3. Sudden change in the skin colour:

An excessive skin scaling and pigmentation and moles that appear to be different than the moles that appear on your body calls for attention. Do not wait for long if you notice bleeding from moles or excessive skin scaling because this can be a beginning of skin cancer.

Blood in stools or urine:

If you have difficulty and pain in passing urine or stools and if you see blood in them, then immediately consult a doctor 

5. Breathlessness accompanied with cough and hoarseness in the voice:

This can be viewed as a symptom of throat cancer or lung tumor. If you have chronic cough and chest pain along with wheezing and breathlessness, that has been coming back again and again can be seen as a symptom of lung cancer.

6. Severe abdominal pain:

It may sound as normal, as indigestion may also result in an upset stomach with severe abdominal pain. But if it doesn’t feel like a simple tummy ache then you need to be cautious as it can be due to colorectal cancer as well.

7. Difficulty in eating and swallowing:

Difficulty in eating and swallowing can be closely related to throat cancer or esophageal, at times it can be seen as an early symptom of lung cancer as well.

8. Swelling in lymph nodes on neck or throat:

Change in lymphatic system can be seen as an early sign of cancer.

9. Loss of appetite:

A feeling of bloated up or always feeling full without eating can be viewed as a symptom of ovarian cancer in women. Bloating up feeling accompanied with weight gain needs to be taken seriously.

10. Severe Back pain:

Back pain is common in most of the people and we don’t usually take it seriously, but it has been found that this was the first symptom before diagnosing liver cancer, breast cancer. So don’t take back pain lightly.

If you have a family history of cancer then you should certainly watch out for these early signs so that you are not too late for treatment and recovery. You are the best person to know your body so always keep an eye on the changes happening to you.

Written by: Healthplus24 team
Date last updated: June 25, 2013

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