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Top ten 10 foods contain anti oxidants that fight against cancer

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We all love food; it is one of the basic requirement of human beings. Our love for food is deep and interconnected that most of the diseases that are known to human kind arise out of eating wrong foods. It is same with the most dreaded disease, cancer, which we have witnessed till date.

Cancer can be kept at bay if you can choose and eat foods that contain antioxidants that are known to destroy cancer cells. As per the American Cancer Society, it is better to include different types of fruits and vegetables in your diet so that you get a perfect balance of nutrients.

Here are the top ten foods that contain antioxidants that can fight against cancer.

1. Include more garlic in your food

Garlic though small in size is known for its therapeutic values, it is widely used in Indian medicines for treating heart diseases, indigestion etc.  It has antifungal and antibacterial properties which are known to protect you from cancer. It has been found that garlic contains chemical called Allicin that can inhibit the growth of cancer cells and also protects the body from DNA and Chromosome damage due to radiotherapy. The garlic is known to have anticancer compounds in them that are capable of destroying cancer cells naturally. Hence, include lots of garlic in your diet can help in reducing the risk of cancer.


2. Turmeric the yellow medicine

Turmeric is used as a traditional ingredient in many Indian medicines as well used as a spice. Turmeric has antiseptic properties that can destroy fungus and bacteria and can cure inflammations. Many researches have found that turmeric contains Curcumin that has potentials in fighting the proliferation of the cancer cells and its growth in the body.


3. Cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower

These three members of the same family known as Cruciferous vegetables are liked by most of us. They are not just tasty vegetables but also have good components in them that can help in fighting cancer. The powerful components in these vegetables are known to protect you from cancer and also fight the free radicals in your body that can destroy your DNA cells. They can protect you against colon, cervix cancer, breast cancer and more


4. Add more green leafy vegetables in your diet

We all know that green leafy vegetables are good for health.  Research have shown that the green leafy vegetables like spinach, lettuce, kale etc contains antioxidants beta-carotene that can fight the cancer cells and limit its growth in the body. 


5. Grapes are good

Grapes, both the red and purple, are known to be rich in antioxidant known as Resveratrol. This antioxidant is known to fight against cancer from its beginning stage; also it prevents the spreading of the cancer cells in the body. Red vine, if consumed in moderate amount, is known to prevent prostate cancer in men.


6. More merry with berries

Berries are rich in antioxidants; berries like straw berry raspberry, blue berries are all known to us and are the favourites. These small berries are rich in antioxidants that can prevent the reproduction of cancer cells. Blue berries are considered to be the most effective, as it contains antioxidants called anthocyanosides that can prevent the growth and spread of cancerous cells.


7. Include whole grain foods in your diet

Whole grain foods like oats, brown rice, barley, whole wheat breads are known to contain high amounts of fibre and antioxidants that are good in protecting against cancer.


8. Go green with green tea

Green tea is known to contain antioxidants that can destroy the free radicals that cause cancer. The antioxidant in tea known as Catechin is known to reduce the growth of cancerous tumours and cells.


9. Have more juicy tomatoes

The red juicy tomatoes guard your DNA cells from the attack of cancerous cells. The antioxidant in the tomatoes help is protecting the body against cancer.


10. Beans to eat

The beans are rich in antioxidants that can prevent the growth of cancer cells. Beans are known to protect you from prostate cancer and breast cancer.

Most of us ignore these simple foods and depend on medicines, but when you get so much goodness naturally from the food you eat, why to go for medicines. Be wise and eat a balanced diet, it can help you in guarding against a series of diseases.

Written by: Healthplus24 team
Date last updated: June 15, 2013

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