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Living with back pain


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With soaring work pressure and erratic lifestyle, back pain has become a common health issue in zillions of people across the globe. High doses of pain killers can be taken once a while to mitigate short term excruciating pain, but they are certainly not recommended for long term relief. So how do you live with back pain? We offer you the solution here...

Work on the causative factor

By now you must have known the reason behind the chronic back pain. So it’s the time to make the much needed corrections on the factors responsible for dominating back pain.


Work in ergonomic way

You spend hours after hours sitting and working. So consider an ergonomic modification in your work station. Get an orthopaedic chair that will allow your back to rest properly and would be gentle on the pain. You can also use a lumbar support cushion for the same reason. Sit straight and avoid slouching or bending while working on a computer.


Check your sleeping posture and the mattress

Lie down on your back in a neutral position without arching your body too much. You can rest your feet or knees on a pillow. Another back friendly sleeping posture is- lie down on your side. The alignment of the spine during sleep is important. Choose a firm orthopaedic mattress, preferably the innerspring memory foam ones to receive great deal of comfort. 


Take your medicines

Your doctor must have prescribed certain medications to manage the pain. Make sure you have them for the stipulated period. Do not exceed the dose of pain killers or take randomly.

Correct your day-to-day habits

Keep the following things in mind:
  • Smoking aggravates back pain. So try to quit it. Limit consumption of alcohol
  • Stop indulging in jerky movements for sometime- like travelling on uneven road, riding motorbikes, bicycles, etc.
  • Do not lift heavy objects, avoid standing or sitting for a long time, limit activities that require you to bend your back every time
  • Take ample rest, because it’s the best healer. Get enough sleep.
  • Wear the back support belt everyday if advised by your doctor


Exercise, yoga and physical therapy

If you want to get rid of back pain in the long run, then you have to exercise regularly. Initially you can take help from a physiotherapist who will teach you the exercise techniques for back pain. Your doctor may suggest a few sittings of tractions to relieve the pressure from the spine.

 There are several immensely effective exercises and yoga therapies for back pain. Make sure you learn from a trainer to grab the exact posture and breathing mechanism.

Get rid of stress

You must have experienced that back pain is a way better in those days when you are relaxed and joyful than those utterly stressful and hectic days. This is because stress induces back pain and overall discomfort in the body. So focus on activities and regulate your lifestyle to beat stress. You can also seek for counselling to know how to lead a stress-free life.


Go for occasional massage therapies

Massage therapies are very popular among people with chronic back pain. And why not it should be? Massage is a scientific technique that applies pressure on different body parts to release the pain out of the body. Fix appointments regularly and comfort yourself with the intensely relaxation techniques.

After reading the suggestions on living with back pain, you are pretty assured of the fact that it’s solely your responsibility to take care of your health to manage and reduce back pain.

Written by: healthplus24.com, team
Date last updated: February 15, 2014

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