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How to prevent low back pain

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The only way to prevent low back pain is by keeping your back and spine strong, flexible and mobile. In the current age, lower back pain is more common among middle aged people than older ones. The most obvious reasons are work stress, pressure, weight gain issues and smoking.

It’s important to know that succumbing to lower back pain can restrict your movement and therefore, you need to need to take care of yourself. We offer you the best ways to prevent low back pain:


Watch your posture while sitting

Have you observed your posture while working in front of the computer? First, you need an ergonomic chair that would offer ample support to your lower back. Secondly you have to sit upright, i.e. without slouching and bending forward towards your desk. You can also use a lumbar support to receive more comfort.

The same strategy applies while driving or riding a pillion in bikes.


Are you lifting heavy stuff? Be cautious then...

Lifting heavy stuff along with uncertain movements can strain your lower back all of a sudden and cause terrible pain. Take help from of someone while picking heavy objects, including grocery bags from the floor and make a slow move.


Perform back strengthening exercises

Exercises are must. If you want to protect your lower back from occasional pain, then you have to exercise every day. Start with walking and then incorporate yoga for strengthening both lower and upper back muscles. Hit the gym and learn pilates, bottom exercises and stretching exercises to proof your lower back from pain.


You need to quit smoking

Smoking is detrimental for the health of your bones and you must give up if you are looking forward to have a perfect lower back. Tobacco and other harmful chemicals contained in cigarettes promote osteoporosis, which eventually induces fracture and pain in your lower back and spine.


Get over stress and anxiety  

Manage stress because it induces lower back pain. Work pressure, tension and anxiety affect the health of your bones. Therefore indulge in activities like swimming, badminton and other things that you love. Pamper yourself with massage therapies in spas and salons. These are some best ways to cut down stress levels and at the same time would protect you from experiencing lower back pain.


Is your bed too soft? Need to change it then!

Your cosy bed might offer you intense luxury and comfort for a few days but down the line you cannot escape from lower back pain. So make sure your bed is firm and supports your back properly while lying on it. You can buy an orthopaedic mattress for long term benefits.


Maintain good posture while sleeping

It’s natural to be unaware of the posture you have taken while you are in deep sleep. So lie down straight on your back and relax your legs, support them on a pillow. You can also position yourself sideways with a pillow. Try to be conscious while changing sides and maintain the same posture. Furthermore, avoid sleeping on your stomach or couching with your legs. 

It’s not that difficult to prevent low back pain from bothering you. All you have to do is- remember the tips we have suggested and incorporate them in your day to day life.

Written by: healthplus24.com team
Date last updated: April 14, 2014

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