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Alternative treatment for back pain

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Sometimes depending on pain killers to get rid of back pain is not really wise. Under that circumstance the alternative treatments come for your rescue. Alternative treatment involves manipulating the muscles and applying pressure on various points to reduce the pain. It doesn’t use medicines or any surgical process.

Massage Therapy for Back pain

This typically involves mobilization of the soft tissues by applying pressure on different points of the back and the spine. The soreness in the muscles and tissues are considerably reduced with relaxation of the muscles and improvement of blood circulation. Furthermore, the massage therapy also helps to manage chronic pain by stimulating secretion of endorphins of the body.

One may be asked to undergo successive sessions to get rid of back pain completely.

Chiropractic Manipulation

Chiropractic is a physical therapy for nervous system disorders and problems of the musculoskeletal system and it is performed by a team of special health care providers known as chiropractors. It focuses on manipulating the spine and the surrounding structures to reduce back pain. The two therapies included are chiropractic adjustment and chiropractic mobilization. Both the processes serve to restore range of motion and mobility in the back muscles and joints and reduce nerve irritability.

It is further accompanied by practicing those exercises and bringing about ergonomic modification to strengthen the back. The treatment plan depends on the nature, intensity and the cause of the back pain.

Acupuncture Treatment

Acupuncture is a wonderful age-old treatment for reducing back pain. The acupuncturist uses thin needles to perform the treatment. The needles are inserted at points distant from the actual area of pain, like in the feet or fingers or somewhere else. Before initiating the treatment, the pulse of the individual is felt and some other pre treatments are performed in order to determine whether his/her body will respond to the acupuncture.

Therapeutic Yoga and Exercises

Your orthopedic doctor will suggest you several back strengthening exercises which mainly involve mobility, flexibility and stretching exercises along with maintaining proper posture of the back while sitting, riding, and driving. You need to practice them regularly to improve the condition of your back.

Therapeutic yoga is an excellent way to deal with back pain. You can perform the back, neck and shoulder exercises under the guidance of your yoga teacher. Continue with the exercises to reduce back pain.

Other alternative treatment options

Herbal remedies involve use of white willow bark and devil's claw by Ayurvedic practitioners for eliminating back pain. You can also take compress with heating pad and ice pack, alternately. Currently, biofeedback therapies are also performed by doctors to deal with back pain.

Some more lifestyle changes you can incorporate to get quick results are sun basking to get vitamin D, using proper ergonomic chairs while working, avoiding heavy weight lifts and quitting smoking.

Those were some alternate therapies for back pain. If the pain persists, then you must schedule medical check-up with an orthopedic surgeon to get the required treatment.

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Written by: Saptakee sengupta
Date last updated: January 17, 2015

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