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Living with Asthma

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Living with asthma entails taking care of your health in way to reduce the frequency of asthma attacks and striving towards leading a little extra organised life. Diet, exercise, surroundings, medicines and day to day living are those aspects you need to modify to control asthma. So how do you survive in a healthy manner with asthma? We tell you over here...

Know your triggers

If you know what triggers asthma and protect yourself from not getting exposed to them, then your asthma attacks are minimized substantially. The most common triggers are pet dander, dust, insects, pollutants, fragrances, chemicals, pollens, sprays, etc. Stay in an environment that is free from asthma triggers.

Improve your health in a holistic manner

Follow a complete action plan that would not only reduce asthma attacks but also boost your immunity. Focus on the following aspects of life:

  • Get proper nutrition - Eat those foods that would increase immunity of your body. This includes fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, pulses, legumes, etc. Avoid eating foods that you are allergic to. A healthy diet would also keep your weight under control.
  • Exercise- You must exercise to improve your breathing. Try breathing techniques, yoga and indulge in physical activities regularly, as advised by your doctor. However, do not over exert yourself. If needed, use your asthma inhaler 20 minutes before working out.
  • Sleep well- Reduce stress, relax your body and mind and have a sound sleep. You can always extend your sleeping hours.
  • Quit smoking- This is utterly important. If you want to improve your life, then you have to quit smoking. Smoking only aggravates asthma.
  • Take your medicines- If your doctor has prescribed some medicines, then make sure you complete the dose.

In this regard you can also order an asthma action plan online or get it from your doctor.

Travel safely

Get your health checked if you are flying or travelling to high altitudes. Otherwise you can travel safely, provided you are carrying your medicines and inhalers in your hand bag. You should also keep yourself protected from dust and pollution while travelling. Use a mask if needed.

Keep your asthma supplies in handy

Make sure the inhalers, nebulizers along with the medicines and other supplies are in handy so that you don’t end up with a frantic search when needed. Carry it to your workplace also.  

Take care in cold weather

You need to take great deal of precautions during winters. Protect yourself from the cold air and chilly weather outside. At home, make sure the surroundings are not dry but moderately humid. Ask your doctor the humidity level you need to maintain. Take every precaution that can protect you from cough, cold, and flu like symptoms.

Visit your doctor and discuss freely

Talk freely about improvement in your health as well as about your difficulties whenever you go for a health check up. Let your doctor know your lifestyle changes and consult him/her before taking any health supplements and pills.

Living with asthma becomes easier when you take control of your life and follow the action plan religiously. You are bound to notice improvement in your health few months down the line. Take care!

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Written by: Saptakee sengupta
Date last updated: January 17, 2015

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