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Exercise and asthma

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While exercise is considered to be one of the most serious triggers for asthma, the flip side is when done correctly can control asthma. However, if you have asthma, especially exercise induced asthma (EIA), then you cannot simply start working out randomly.

How exercise induces asthma?

This is an important information for all asthma patients. The condition- exercise-induced brochospasm, then you have to be extra cautious. Such people have over sensitive airways, so when they inhale through mouth, the unfiltered air irritates the airways, thereby inducing asthma.

You need to know the signs if your exercise has triggered the asthma and they are: 

  • Gasping for breath or shortness of breath
  • Hear that typical wheezing sound in your chest
  • Tightness or pressure in your chest
  • Difficulty in speaking due to breathing trouble 
However, under special guidelines of a physiotherapist or trainer they may be able to exercise. Yoga is particularly very useful for them.


Things to consider before exercising with asthma

  • Talk to your doctor whether you can exercises or not. If yes, then what kind of exercise should you to and what to avoid. Your physiotherapist would teach you the techniques
  • Mostly importantly, always keep the rescue inhaler with you no matter you are working out at home, gym or outdoors
  • Make sure the environment where you exercise is free from asthma triggers like dust, cold air, per dander, etc.
  • If you start sensing the symptoms, stop exercising right away. You can use spray the inhaler if needed. Consult your doctor and listen to what he says.
  • Before you exercise, always begin with warm up activities and then gradually move on to the core regimen. Cool down your body properly once it’s over. 


Exercises for asthma


One of the most useful exercises for asthma patients is walking. You can step in an environment friendly atmosphere to receive the good benefits of walking. 


Your breathing is manipulated in many different ways while performing stretching which in a way is good for your lungs. Therefore, try stretching exercises under the guidance of a physiotherapist. 

Yoga and pranayam

Hire a professional trainer who is prudent in the art of healing techniques. Learn the yoga poses and breathing techniques or Pranayamas that miraculously heal asthma. 


If you love some outdoor sports or activities like swimming, golfing, hockey, running, hiking, etc. then you need to seek permission from your doctor and also educate yourself about the impact of those exercises on your asthma.


Mistakes to avoid while exercising with asthma

  • Do not walk heavily over the treadmill or perform heavy cardio exercises.
  • Always maintain a slow pace while working out along with uniform breathing
  • Do not compete with others while working out simply because you have asthma
  • If you forget to carry the inhaler, get back home take it and then exercise
  • Never use gears or pools piled up with dust and chlorine, respectively. 
Note: If your asthma doesn’t improve with exercise or it gets worse while working out, then consult your doctor for further help.

Written by: healthplus24.com team
Date last updated: june 19, 2014

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