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Sexual anxiety

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Almost everyone has experienced anxiety at some point in their life. If you are struck by anxiety in the mid of doing something then your performance is compromised. In case of sexual anxiety, you become so anxious about sex that it totally mars your sexual performance.


Reasons behind sexual anxiety

Sexual anxiety can segue from various factors that include your lifestyle, personal thinking and your relationship with your spouse. The reasons are:

Performance anxiety

Fear of inability to satisfy your partner and perform well on bed is one of the key reasons behind sexual anxiety. Men usually fear of erection problems and premature ejaculation while for women, anxiety is usually associated with lack of sexual desire and absence of orgasm.

Personal insecurities

Lack of confidence and self esteem contribute to sexual anxiety. Negative thoughts arising from concerns about the body (having underdeveloped sexual organs, being obese, overweight, etc.) can trigger sexual anxiety.

Mental State

Your emotional state can affect your sexual performance in a negative way too. If you are stressed out, depressed and over-burned with work pressure, family issues, relationship problems, etc. then you might suffer from sexual anxiety.

Symptoms associated with sexual anxiety

People who suffer from sexual anxiety face difficulty in establishing a harmonious sexual affair with their spouse. You will experience sweating, lack of sexual desire and your mind being saturated with worries ultimately spoils the entire experience.

The stress hormones further hinder penile blood circulation, as a result men who suffer from sexual anxiety due to stress face erection problems.


Seeking medical help for sexual anxiety

Sexual anxiety is a continuous cycle for both men and women and you cannot get over it unless you talk it out to your doctor. Explain the symptoms to your doctor, talk about your lifestyle, if you are taking any medicines or have a medical condition.

Depending upon the initial physical examination, you might further need to undergo some hormonal tests. Your doctor would be able to help you out once it’s clear from where the anxiety is sneaking in.

Vitamin supplements, sex pills, etc. are usually given to boost performance. However, needless to say sexual anxiety is best managed by self unless you have a medical disorder. We explain you the tips below.


Tips to overcome sexual anxiety

Train your mind

You can take help from a cognitive behavioural therapist in this regard. Meditate everyday to calm down your thoughts and challenge yourself to stop thinking before having sex. Imagine the pleasure of making love with your partner and have faith on self.

Help each other

Satisfying your partner is not a responsibility; rather both of you should be spontaneously involved in the act to make the best happen. Indulge in some great foreplay and help each other while making love.

Try something new

Forget those episodes of the past that brought about anxiety issues in you. Change the ambiance of your room. Rekindle your sex life by creating a sensuous ambiance with aromatic candles, mood lights, stimulating flavours, aphrodisiacs, etc.

Twist your lifestyle

Exercise can solve almost any problem! Go for walking, jogging, yoga or do anything that you love, except being a couch potato. Your blood circulation is improved, your mind is refreshed and anxiety goes away. When you are physically fit, you naturally stop worrying about your sexual performance.

Written by: healthplus24.com team
Date last updated: June 25, 2014

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