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Coping with Alzheimer’s disease

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A lot of things follow after you have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s stage. The coping strategies depend on which stage of the disease you are in and the severity of the dementia.

We have suggested some ways to cope with Alzheimer’s disease.

Give yourself sometime to accept

You cannot expect things to move smoothly always. Give yourself sometime to accept that you have this disorder and then only you can set the coping strategies for yourself. It’s normal to get stressed, annoyed and frustrated at times but these emotions are normal and you need to learn to deal with them. So keep accept the transition in the following way:

  • Do not try to cover up your difficulties in front of others
  • Never feel embarrassed or shy about your problems
  • Try to gain control over your mind, emotions and actions gradually

Educate yourself properly about the disease

You must know everything about what you are suffering from because proper education will only pave the way to cope with the disease and improve your health. In this regard, fix appointments with your doctors, clear out doubts you have in your mind, you can also visit Alzheimer’s patients to learn how they are living life. Educate yourself with books, checking out the Internet and watch videos to boost your confidence.

Do not hesitate to seek for help and support

In this regard, seek out for help from your family, close friends or you can keep a care taker for you if needed. Help doesn’t entail only physical assistance, it also involves emotional support. Discuss your emotions freely; communicate your feelings and wishes and do things that can improve your life. Also make sure you listen to the advice given by your loved ones.

Engage yourself in happy activities

You must engage yourself in activities that keep you happy, energetic and positive. This way you can gain better control over your mind and body. Talk to your friend, play with your grandchildren (if you have), indulge in those exercises suggested by your doctor and keep yourself fit and happy in every way.

How to make daily living easy?

Daily living becomes the biggest challenge for Alzheimer’s patients. The only reason being they cannot remember their daily tasks. So we have provided some strategies to make daily living easy:

  • Make a list of things that you do and need everyday- e.g. wearing clothes, taking medicines, phone calls, toiletries, spectacles or lenses, books, eating, etc.
  • Now form a daily routine of the tasks you are supposed to do. Set goals by writing them down and try to accomplish them daily
  • Maintain a journal – note down all important things to need to remember like dosage of medicines, when to take them, etc. Seek help from your loved ones on how to maintain a simple format of record
  • Note down important phone numbers and addresses, including yours in a diary and carry it always with you.
  • Keep keys in one place where you can find out easily. You can also note it down in your diary.

Apart from staying emotionally and physically fit, coping with Alzheimer’s also entails eating a healthy and nutritious diet. Follow the instructions we have suggested and make sure you fix regular appointments with your doctor to boost your health.

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Written by: Saptakee sengupta
Date last updated: January 17, 2015

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