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Home remedies for allergic rhinitis

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Allergic rhinitis is a condition when the body evokes an immune response the foreign particles. The symptoms include allergy, nasal congestion or runny nose, sneezing, teary and redness in eyes, etc. Allergic rhinitis is alternatively called hay fever. Medical treatment is definitely needed for complete cure, but the home remedies at the same time help to improve the symptoms much quickly.

We tell you some easy home remedies for allergic rhinitis

1.Blend pure honey with some tulsi leaves. Make sure you have two teaspoons of this concoction every day after getting up in the morning. Continue this therapy even after you have been cured to ensure long term immunity.

2.Vitamin C boosts your immunity naturally as it is rich in bioflavonoids.  You can either have vitamin C supplements or derive it from natural ingredients. Eat lots of citrus fruits like oranges, grapefruits, lemons, etc. Have juice of raw amla regularly to protect yourself from allergies.

3.You can use vaporizers of aromatic oils like eucalyptus, peppermint, lavender and menthol. Pour few drops of these oils in a vessel of water. Inhale the vapour to relieve blocked nose.

4.Sip hot soups made out of chicken and vegetables rich in carotenoids like carrots, beet root, spinach etc. Add finely chopped ginger, cloves and cinnamon. These ingredients aid in quick healing.

5.Chilli peppers contain a compound known as capsaicin, which is an excellent anti-allergic. You can chop them and add as a culinary ingredient while making soups.

6.Have a few cuppas of herbal teas to alleviate the symptoms of allergic rhinitis. You can substitute caffeine drinks with chamomile tea and green tea. They are wonderful home remedies for nasal congestion.

7.Eat foods rich in omega-3-fatty acids as it’s loaded with anti-inflammatory properties. Include nuts (almonds, walnuts, pistachios, etc.), seeds (flax seed, sunflower seeds), salmon, sardines, tuna, etc.

8.Blend your foods up with loads of spices and herbs. Mustard seeds, ginger, garlic, onion, cinnamon, cumin seeds, horseradish, licorice, lemon grass, parsley, etc. All these herbs have inflammatory properties that protect you from allergies.

9.If you experience itchiness and irritation in your eyes, then you use water- diluted calendula liquid to rinse your eyes for the purpose of eliminating allergies.

10.Irrigate your nose with saline water. This cleansing action not only eradicates nasal congestion but also kills other allergy causing bacteria and other microbes. Also gurgle with warm saline water to get considerable relief from sore throat.

11.Doctors also say that consumption of probiotics and cultured foods containing gut friendly lactobacillus and bifidobacterium bacteria also keep the system free of toxins. This in turn improves immunity of the body.

12.Prevent contact with allergens that cause allergy and nasal congestion. In this regard protect yourself from pollen, pet dander, dust, irritants, mold, cockroaches, dust mites, etc. You can use a mask before getting out of home. Keep your room humidified and avoid staying in cool and dry environment.

You can follow these home remedies along with your doctor’s advice. The symptoms take around a week to disappear. So take care of your health.

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Written by: Saptakee sengupta
Date last updated: January 17, 2015

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