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How to overcome agoraphobia

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Agoraphobia is one type of anxiety disorder where the person encounters fear once he/she is out of his/her niche- for e.g. going to social places, malls, enclosed places (lifts), open places like gardens, grounds, etc. and even his/her work station. Certainly, it’s a matter of concern and one needs help.

Have a look at the tips you can apply in your daily life to overcome agoraphobia.

1.    Cognitive behavioural therapy

Have you sought help from a psychotherapist yet? If No, then you must do so... Cognitive behavioural therapy is one management tool for agoraphobia which is quite effective in reducing your fear, anxiety and panicky feelings. Your therapist will evaluate the disorder and then plan your treatment and schedule your sessions accordingly. All you have to do is- follow his/her advice and be regular with your appointments.

2.    Educate yourself about your phobia

Do you even know that you have a condition? If no, then you must try to find out why you are scared and the circumstances that trigger the fear within you. Once you know exactly what’s wrong with you, you can take the next step to overcome agoraphobia. And yes, browse over the Internet to check out many success stories where people have knocked out phobias solely by self guided techniques. And we explain some of those techniques below:

3.    Self affirmative techniques

Self affirmative techniques entail thinking positive and reducing negative thoughts. When you think you are bound to get panic attack on facing such situations then you are sending negative signals to your mind, which again magnifies your fear. So here you need to change your thoughts... How to do that? Read the pointers below:

  • Again you need to do some research or take help from a psychologist to buy books or watch videos on self affirmation and positive thinking. Execute them in practical sphere.
  • Relaxation techniques- You panic when you are under stress. Therefore you need to know how to relax. Meditation is an excellent way to gain control over your mind and thoughts. So master the art by all means.

4.    Do not isolate yourself

Your fear is not associated with mingling with people but to step out of your comfort zone...Well, when you avoid going out then people tend to have a negative impression on you. So never isolate yourself from your friends and family. Initially you can call them over to your home or hang out at nearby places. Gradually when you have control over your phobia you can join your social group outdoors. This will keep you diverted from the phobia.

5.    Desensitising techniques

Try this when you’re confident of having decent control over your agoraphobia. So what’s desensitizing? It means creating triggers for agoraphobia via your imaginations and then overcoming them by relaxation techniques (we assume you are a pro now!)...You imagine yourself walking through open fields or moving up in an elevator and then the moment you get a hint of panic, you immediately affirm yourself that you’re perfectly fine and can experience the situation without getting scared. If you can do this, then agoraphobia will bid adieu soon!

6.    Some more light and happy activities

Apart from all these, you can generally improve your lifestyle...Laugh out everyday, if you have a hobby then do it, listen to good music, cook and eat healthy, take your pet out for a walk and many more...

Written by: healthplus24.com team

Date last updated: December 12, 2014

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