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9 Bad habits that can cause pimples

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Pimple or acne is the most common problem among teenagers, although it can explode in adults as well. The red bumps can pop out on face, arms, and back under various circumstances and most of the times our bad habits are responsible for it.

Let’s figure out what are those bad habits that you practise knowingly or unknowingly...

1.Not cleaning dirt and grime from face

Do you have the habit of not washing your face after returning from outside? If yes, then change it. Make sure you clean off sweat and oil from your face before going to bed.

2.Using wide range of cosmetics on face

If you are frequently changing cosmetics then your skin may react. This is one of the most common causes of acne. Also using heavy make-up can trigger outburst of pimples.

Sometimes you are not aware of the type of lotion or cream that would suit your face. You end up choosing oil laden products for your oily skin and oil free products for dry skin. Regular use of wrong products can lead to pimples.

3.Eating oily and greasy foods

If you already have an acne prone skin, then eating greasy foods will make it worse. It simply increases the oil content of your body, which results in red bumps on face and other parts of the body. Also remember that eating cholesterol and saturated fat rich foods like red meat, eggs, etc. cause acne.

4.Not taking care of dandruff on hair

Dandruff not only affects the health of your scalp, but it’s bad for the skin as well. The flaky dry skin when drops on your face and neck while combing hair can trigger acne. Thus, you must take every measure to ward off dandruff from your hair.

5.When you rinse your skin too many times

Anything in excess is harmful and so with washing your skin numerous times in a day. Yes, it’s good to keep your skin clean, but when you wash it with a facewash for many times, the skin loses its natural moisture and becomes excessively dry. This results in irritation on the skin and explosion of pimples.

6.Using anti acne products

Are you dependent too much on those lucrative anti pimple products being advertised on TV? Then it’s time to get rid of them. Remember they work only for short term but bring about long term side effects and pimples are the most obvious ones.

7.Not cleaning upholstery and personal hygiene items regularly

Do you clean your pillow covers regularly? Your face and hair come in contact with it every day, so ensure that it’s free from dust and skin irritants. Clean it at least 2-3 times in a week. Also wash your handkerchief and towel everyday and use a fresh one.

8.Pricking your pimples

Pimples do not heal when you prick them; instead they reappear and leave behind ugly freckles. So stop scratching or pricking them.

9.Leaving hair products on hair

If you are regularly using gels, mousse, sprays, etc. on your hair, then make sure you shampoo off your hair before going to bed. When these products come in contact with your face, they clog the pores. If this happens regularly, then pimples are bound to flare up. Also do not let oil stay on hair for 2-3 days. You can leave it overnight and wash off next day.

If your face has been covered with pimples, then you must visit a dermatologist. Take good care of your skin and make sure you get rid of them in the correct way.

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Written by: Saptakee sengupta
Date last updated: January 29, 2015

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