Health Tips by heart

Fat and cholesterol levels in children should be kept in check
Blueberries keep your heart in pink of health
Strong social integration builds a healthy heart
Weight training is good for heart
Waist size helps judge your heart health
Eat smaller meals to prevent heartburn
Walking is the key to a healthy heart
Soy milk can help maintain a healthy heart
The high Omega 3 fatty acid content in walnuts, help in reducing the risk of heart diseases.
The labels should be checked for both cholesterol and trans fat levels
Cardiac ailments and diabetes: The consequence of poor dental health
Compared to butter popcorn, eating plain popcorn is a healthier option
Belly fat increases the risk of health hazards like heart disease
Acidity can be relieved by eating bitter guard
Caffeine stimulates the acid secretion causing heartburn
Eat dinner at least 3 hours before bed time for better night sleep
Aerobic exercise strengthens your heart
Consuming alcohol along with smoking causes acidity
Omega 3 fatty acids containing foods helps to increase HDL levels
Cut down on salt to prevent heart disease
Recognize the symptoms early and prevent from the risk of heart attack
Lack of sleep cause acidity. Have regular sleepingpatterns.
Moderate alcohol intake can increase good cholesterol levels
Tomato causes heartburn
Junk food causes heartburn
Avoid carbonated beverage to overcome acidity
Olive oil rich in mono unsaturated fats, which is good for heart health
Elevate your head while sleeping to get relief from heartburn
Keep brushing for a healthy heart
Flavonoids are heart healthy
Stay away of spices if your heartburns
Walnuts for healthy heart and brain
Sun flower seeds are good for healthy heart
Sedentary life style has higher risk of developing heart disease
Tangy pickles - yummy but not good for health
Fiber act as binding agent and reduce cholesterol
Beta carotene act as anti oxidant
Trans fats in margarine increase heart disease risk
Beer can reduce the risk of heart disease
Olive oil reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke
Excess fat around waist cause heart risk
Nuts good for your heart
Pickles are nice and tart, sadly not good for your heart
Go nuts for a healthy heart
Flaxseed is good for heart health
Non vegetarians are more prone to heart diseases and high blood pressure
Fat and cholesterol are essential for the body
Eating potato chips is unhealthy
Harmful affects of second hand smoking
Maintain normal BMI

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