Health Tips by health

Rev up metabolism and lose weight
A talk about your lifestyle with a family physician will help keep diseases at bay
Focusing on preconception health is important for women
Natural orange fruit has more health benefits than any vitamin pills
Reduce stress and stay mentally fit
ORS is the best solution to prevent dehydration in children due to diarrhea and vomiting
Sexual health and wellness go hand in hand
Say bye-bye to processed foods to stay healthy
Fish is good food for the brain
Sleep and overcome stress
Sleep disturbances linked to alzheimers risk
Playing puzzles and brain teasers helps improve memory
Blueberries keep your heart in pink of health
Risk of alzheimers increases in women who worry a lot
Water, the natural detox drink to cleanse body of toxins
Strong social integration builds a healthy heart
Resveratrol helps get rid of acne
Blinking and frequent breaks help avoid computer vision syndrome
Socializing keeps the mind healthy and wise
Sleep is the best tonic to keep stay mentally healthy
Control your weight with what you eat
Improve oral care by changing toothbrush every 3 months
Weight training is good for heart
Exercise is one of the healthiest things for elders
Vegetables provide many nutritional benefits to improve health
Controlled salt intake is good for healthy kidneys
Waist size helps judge your heart health
Protect yourself from stress-induced depression with physical exercise
Nuts are high protein snacks that lowers LDL cholesterol
Say No to zero nutrition cookies and chips, indulge in healthy bites
Games are healthier played outside than on a video game console
In kids, wait before you put antibiotics
Unsalted sunflower seeds: A great way to reduce cholesterol
Annual health checkups a must for sexagenarians
Eye exercises: The natural way to strengthen eye muscles
Ease constipation with insoluble fibers
Controlled screen time helps make children healthy and wise
Walking is the key to a healthy heart
Physical activity reduces the risk for colon cancer
The fat content in your diet should be limited and controlled
Soy milk can help maintain a healthy heart
The high Omega 3 fatty acid content in walnuts, help in reducing the risk of heart diseases.
The labels should be checked for both cholesterol and trans fat levels
Consumption of black tea proves to be good for health
Cardiac ailments and diabetes: The consequence of poor dental health
Compared to butter popcorn, eating plain popcorn is a healthier option
Aerobic exercise strengthens your heart
Emotional wellbeing is part of the health. Spend time with loved ones
Say good morning to sun for healthy skin and bones
Omega 3 fatty acids containing foods helps to increase HDL levels
Drink water for healthy skin
Olive oil rich in mono unsaturated fats, which is good for heart health
Healthy breakfast is the great way to start the day
Start a day with healthy breakfast
Keep brushing for a healthy heart
Drink healthy beer with low calories
Flavonoids are heart healthy
Watermelon for muscle health
Maintain healthy weight to avoid knee pain
Almond oil is good for intestines
Have regular health check ups and screenings
Walnuts for healthy heart and brain
Sun flower seeds are good for healthy heart
Sedentary life style has higher risk of developing heart disease
Tangy pickles - yummy but not good for health
Go high on protein for super shiny hair
Fiber act as binding agent and reduce cholesterol
Foods rich in vitamin C are good for healthy teeth and gums
Take balanced diet to have healthy nails
Brown rice good for diabetic patients
Orange juice is rich source of vitamin C
Nuts good for your heart
Red wine improves cardiovascular health
Eat frequently to lose weight
Muesli helps lower bad cholesterol
Beans help in losing weight
Weight loss through crash diet a big no-no
Go nuts for a healthy heart
Vegetable sources of protein scores no less than the animal source of protein
Flaxseed is good for heart health
Apples good for reducing cholesterol
Health benefits of eating muesli for breakfast
Apples are good for healthy teeth
Brown breads are healthier then white bread
Munching while watching television is bad idea
Health benefits brown rice over white rice
Role of calcium in maintaining healthy bones and teeth
Health benefits of eating banana
Health benefits of drinking water
Health benefits of carrot juice
Health benefits of flossing
Health benefits of garlic

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