Health Tips by exercise

Fat and cholesterol levels in children should be kept in check
Playing puzzles and brain teasers helps improve memory
Bone density improves with exercise
Weight training is good for heart
Exercise is one of the healthiest things for elders
Protect yourself from stress-induced depression with physical exercise
Exercising is the drug free way to reduce blood pressure
Eye exercises: The natural way to strengthen eye muscles
Use of kegel exercises to cure erectile dysfunction
The best way to lose weight is exercising and controlling diet, instead of fasting
The best cardio exercise that does not affect the joints is swimming
Exercise prevents cancer recurrence
Aerobic exercise strengthens your heart
Deep breathing exercises help you to de-stress
Aerobic exercise help elevate the mood
Cross words and puzzles keep your brain active
Kegel exercise is the best for urinary incontinence
Weight training along with cardio accelerates weight loss
Pranayama is a unique breathing exercise
Protect your back while doing abs
Physical activity and exercise: A must for diabetics
Intensify your every day exercise
Do vigorous cardio to burn fat fast
Aerobic exercise improves metabolism
While weight training, target specific muscle group
Listen to the music while you cardio exercise
Walk daily 30 minutes to increase your stamina
Sitting on exercise ball improves balance
Simple ways to de stress your eyes while using computer
How to lose one pound weight in a week time
Weight loss through crash diet a big no-no
Weight loss through diet and exercise
Drink water during exercising
Losing tummy fat by exercise

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