Rev up metabolism and lose weight
Blinking 20 times a minute will help avoid dryness and blurred vision
Weight training is good for a stronger heart
A talk about your lifestyle with a family physician will help keep diseases at bay
Genital herpes increases the risk of HIV
Yearly dental examination along with cleaning will help keep away gum diseases
A drink or two will interfere with your REM sleep
Focusing on preconception health is important for women
More of vegetables and fruits to keep away cancer
Drinking water keeps eyes hydrated
Be sun smart and keep skin cancer away
Natural orange fruit has more health benefits than any vitamin pills
A sore throat does not require swab test
Coughing due to virus? Antibiotics will not help
Stuffy nose? Use salt water nasal spray or drops
Ear infection in children: Antibiotics are not helpful
Burn fat with super foods consisting of fiber
Separate the meats, seafood and eggs to prevent cross contamination
Reduce stress and stay mentally fit
Resveratrol helps in providing protection from cancer
Foot care at night will help keep away bacterial and fungal infections of the feet
Sleep well to prevent dark circles and premature aging
ORS is the best solution to prevent dehydration in children due to diarrhea and vomiting
Sexual health and wellness go hand in hand
Say bye-bye to processed foods to stay healthy
Laughter helps improve memory loss due to aging
Fish is good food for the brain
Sleep and overcome stress
Pain relief with help of aromatherapy
Mammogram is a must for women over 40 for breast cancer screening
Fat and cholesterol levels in children should be kept in check
Sleep disturbances linked to alzheimers risk
Playing puzzles and brain teasers helps improve memory
Blueberries keep your heart in pink of health
Risk of alzheimers increases in women who worry a lot
Breathe easy by inhaling aromatic oil vapors
Kids who play after school are found to be smarter
Offer plenty of fluids to a child with fever
Sleep well with help of aromatherapy
Chamomile tea is effective in making one sleep better
Organic foods keep your body away from toxins
Foot massage helps improve circulation and cleanses the body
Water, the natural detox drink to cleanse body of toxins
Strong social integration builds a healthy heart
Brushing after eating acidic foods can sour your smile
Bone density improves with exercise
Resveratrol helps get rid of acne
Blinking and frequent breaks help avoid computer vision syndrome
Bye bye loneliness, hello meditation
100% Cotton socks keeps toe fungus at bay
Socializing keeps the mind healthy and wise
Sleep is the best tonic to keep stay mentally healthy
Pomegranate is the natural way to detoxify the body
Control your weight with what you eat
Lemon balm reduces anxiety and promotes sleep
Improve oral care by changing toothbrush every 3 months
Talking to someone friendly helps reduce anxiety
Amla helps improve vision naturally
Skip soda for a flatter tummy
Salt in moderation forms an essential part of your diet
Fuel fat metabolism and lose weight by drinking Water
Weight training is good for heart
Exercise is one of the healthiest things for elders
Heal itchy scalp by applying lemon juice on the scalp
Vegetables provide many nutritional benefits to improve health
Drinking alcohol during pregnancy is dangerous
Tips to reduce flight fatigue
Controlled salt intake is good for healthy kidneys
Waist size helps judge your heart health
It is difficult to shake off garlic odor from the body
Arthritis can be a result of a sedentary lifestyle
Ginger, the best way to beat sinus woes
When is the best time to have a PAP smear test
Frequent computer users need eye exam regularly
Protect yourself from stress-induced depression with physical exercise
Overcome withdrawal symptoms from stopping alcohol
Go organic to reduce chemical exposure through food
Antioxidant rich tomatoes boost the immune system
Nuts are high protein snacks that lowers LDL cholesterol
Sweet as sugar and everything nice
Exercising is the drug free way to reduce blood pressure
Unlink yourself from the external stimuli Like TV and newspaper to destress
Drift off to dreamland with cherries and dates
Be sun smart and reduce risk for skin cancer
Late night feast turns Into fat
Say No to zero nutrition cookies and chips, indulge in healthy bites
A dose of glucose fuels the brain
Drinking water, a simple solution to prevent bad breath
Games are healthier played outside than on a video game console
Eat smaller meals to prevent heartburn
Alcohol and smoking aggravates acidity
Triphala, a natural laxative that helps prevent hair loss
Coffee, a secret constipation agent
Anti oxidants in amla protects against cancer
Expecting or lactating? Shun unripe papaya
In kids, wait before you put antibiotics
Niacin in tomatoes can help alleviating migraine headaches
Antibacterial soap bath and aloe vera moisturizer helps soothe sunburned skin
Eating bananas help get rid of charlie horse and leg cramps
Walnuts help fight arthritis pain
Cut down on caffeine when breastfeeding
Neem rejects organ transplants
Music: A Powerful Stress Buster
Salt water gargle helps soothe sore throat
Selenium in brazil nuts may help protect against prostate cancer
Unsalted sunflower seeds: A great way to reduce cholesterol
Trying to conceive? Stay away from neem
Little wine a day, keeps the blues away
Frozen foods or canned foods, which is better?
Annual health checkups a must for sexagenarians
Eye exercises: The natural way to strengthen eye muscles
Ease constipation with insoluble fibers
DHA is the key to better vision
Controlled screen time helps make children healthy and wise
Colostrum: The First Meal for a Newborn
Walking is the key to a healthy heart
Beetroot beats blood pressure
Green tea may hinder your iron uptake
Theobromine in dark chocolates helps harden tooth enamel
Physical activity reduces the risk for colon cancer
Smile is a great stress buster
Cold and flu. Are they same or different?
Cabbage may play a role in prevention of cancer.
The fat content in your diet should be limited and controlled
Alcohol free days will give the liver the much needed time to recover.
Exposure to early morning sunlight will help in development of stronger teeth in kids
Constipation may be a result of depression
Total cholesterol levels can be reduced by Psyllium husk powder supplements
Soy milk can help maintain a healthy heart
Growth of cancer cells may be prevented by including blueberries in your diet.
Flax seed meal helps in prevention of constipation
Floss before you brush
Psyllium fiber effectively eases constipation
Shed extra pounds and boost digestion by introducing red peppers in your diet
Use of kegel exercises to cure erectile dysfunction
Headaches linked with overuse of pain killers
Red wine maintains younger looking skin
Get rid of dead skin cells and calluses with pumice stone
Neem baths helps keep skin infections at bay
The high Omega 3 fatty acid content in walnuts, help in reducing the risk of heart diseases.
Eating garlic cloves every morning helps reduce cholesterol and blood pressure
Use ceramic or glass containers to heat food in the microwave instead of plastic containers
Gout patients should avoid meat and meat products as they are rich in purine
The labels should be checked for both cholesterol and trans fat levels
Drinking plenty of water will help flush out uric acid and prevent gout attack
Consumption of black tea proves to be good for health
The best exercise to get relief from joint pains is swimming
The best way to lose weight is exercising and controlling diet, instead of fasting
Flavonoid rich dark chocolates prevent cancer
Virgin olive oil can keep breast cancer at bay
Health issues due to wheat gluten sensitivity
Protein and fiber are rich in beans: A cheaper substitute for meat
Storage tips to help protect antioxidants in olive oil
Slim down the risk of stroke with chocolate
Fight cancer with pomegranates
Sleep diary helps you sleep better
Vitamin D defend against multiple sclerosis
Cardiac ailments and diabetes: The consequence of poor dental health
Ashwagandha root helps strengthen immunity
Smile can reduce the stress
Yummy yogurt lowers blood pressure
Compared to butter popcorn, eating plain popcorn is a healthier option
Diabetic medication doses are adjusted according to the diet and physical exercise of the patient
Immunity improves with sound sleep
Belly fat increases the risk of health hazards like heart disease
Garlic helps in strengthening the immune system and prevention of cancer
The best cardio exercise that does not affect the joints is swimming
Sunlight helps cure jaundice in newborns
Apple cidar vinegar is a natural mucus thinner
Acidity can be relieved by eating bitter guard
Probiotic yogurt is good for maintaining a healthy digestive system and a flat tummy
Acai berry contains antioxidants that help fight cancer
Olive oil, canola oil and other plant based oils are rich in unsaturated fats
Red meats like beef, pork and lamb are high in saturated fats
Drinking excess alcohol aggravates gout
Check the label for trans fats before you buy
Mighty garlic might kills cancer
Watch how you get up from bed
Replace toothbrushes frequently
Oatmeal can help you lower your LDL and raise your HDL
Yogurt can boost your immune system
Walnuts, cranberries and Omega 3 fatty acids can help in slowing down the breast cancer development
If you are on diet program never skip meals, instead eat smaller meals several times during the day
Caffeine stimulates the acid secretion causing heartburn
Vitamin K helps keep bone strong
Avoid cigarette and tobacco products 3 to 4 hours before bed time
Relieve your tired eyes by simply placing cucumber slices on them
Exercise prevents cancer recurrence
Eat dinner at least 3 hours before bed time for better night sleep
Aerobic exercise strengthens your heart
Alcohol may increase the risk of liver damage while taking acetaminophen
Deep breathing exercises help you to de-stress
10 to 15 minutes meditation daily enhances the athlete’s performance
Limit vitamin K if you are on anticoagulants
Aerobic exercise help elevate the mood
Emotional wellbeing is part of the health. Spend time with loved ones
Consuming alcohol along with smoking causes acidity
Pollen, dander, dust mites worsen the asthma
Extra care of the feet is required for longstanding diabetic patients
Stress increases the production of acid
fenugreek methi seeds helps to control diabetes
Neck pain may be due to eye sight
Use broad spectrum sunscreen to avoid skin cancer
Bed rest can aggravate back pain
Eating nuts in the morning sharpens your brain and makes you alert
Sip on pomegranate juice and keep heart healthy
Massage therapy helps easy lower back pain
Say good morning to sun for healthy skin and bones
Drink 8 glasses of water for a glowing skin
Curd is better than milk for calcium
Insoluble fiber is the best to avoid constipation
If you are gluten intolerant take quinoa, which is a gluten free grain
For tanning the skin use spf 30 or more
Blink more often your eyes if you are working on computer to avoid eye strain
Omega 3 fatty acids containing foods helps to increase HDL levels
Do not read the book while travelling to avoid motion sickness
Cut down on salt to prevent heart disease
Recognize the symptoms early and prevent from the risk of heart attack
Lack of sleep cause acidity. Have regular sleepingpatterns.
Childhood obesity is the prime cause for type 2 diabetes in children
Excessive intake of tea and coffee cause acidity
Salt makes you feel bloated
Onion has lot of nutrition and less calories
Olive oil helps prevent dandruff
Moderate alcohol intake can increase good cholesterol levels
Your keyboard is a germ’s paradise
Feel giddy while travelling? Try this
Treat dandruff with vinegar
Clean your tongue as you brush
Tomato causes heartburn
Practice yoga for a flatter tummy
Drink water for healthy skin
Cross words and puzzles keep your brain active
Caffeine fights muscle fatigue
Rice lovers switch to brown rice to lower the risk of type 2 diabetes
Junk food causes heartburn
Smoking affect esophageal sphincters function
lycopene in tomatos lower the risk of prostate cancer
Erase wrinkles with carrot
Eat in smaller portions more frequently for better digestion
Walk for 20 min after eating to reduce blood glucose levels
Avoid carbonated beverage to overcome acidity
Eucalyptus oil relieves sinus congestion
Spirulina benefits in weight loss
Cruciferous vegetables helps fight against breast cancer
Probiotic curd helps to treat diarrhea
Oysters are aphrodisiac for men
Kegel exercise is the best for urinary incontinence
Avoid strong smelling foods like onion, garlic to over come bad breath
Olive oil rich in mono unsaturated fats, which is good for heart health
Elevate your head while sleeping to get relief from heartburn
Dark chocolates are anti depressants
Enzyme papain in papaya helps in digestion
Apply carrots paste on the skin to glow
Chew mint leaves to fresh up your breath
Quit smoking for stronger bones
Aloe vera juice is popular home remedy for constipation
Healthy breakfast is the great way to start the day
Does not sleep more or less just sleep for 8 hours for better fitness?
Floss regularly to avoid bad breath
Weight training along with cardio accelerates weight loss
Start a day with healthy breakfast
Go for chocolate milk after workout
Parsley, a great remedy for bad breath
Keep brushing for a healthy heart
Go for whole grain for weight loss
A medicine cabinet in bathroom is a bad idea
Drink healthy beer with low calories
Stop smoking to overcome bad breath
Store your toothbrush in hygiene place
Flavonoids are heart healthy
Limit alcohol to weekends to help you reduce tummy fat
Honey water helps you over come dizziness
Pranayama is a unique breathing exercise
Do not lie down immediately after meals to overcome acidity
Fiber helps to burn the belly fat
Protect your back while doing abs
B complex vitamins are helpful in healing cold sores
Breathing from belly is better than breathing from the chest
Have a gym buddy while exercising
Watermelon for muscle health
Have a full body massage to de-stress
Do not boil your veggies for long
Have dates to ease constipation
Maintain healthy weight to avoid knee pain
Fruits and veggies for a glowing complexion
Almond oil is good for intestines
Wheat grass, the green wonder
Inside home, no smoking please
Physical activity and exercise: A must for diabetics
Have regular health check ups and screenings
Disinfection is the key to ward off cold germs
Remain positive in life to do away with stress
Cut your fruits and veggies in larger chunks
Tulsi is good for sore throat
Honey, First thing in the morning
Eat tomatoes to ward off cancer
Tighten your skin with pomegranate
Stay away of spices if your heartburns
Go off shoes for a foot workout
Nicotine supplements to fight withdrawal
Intensify your every day exercise
Go easy on saturated fat for a slimmer waist
Keep a tab on your calories
Have cold, Drink warm water
Lots of water eases constipation
How to store olive oil
Cooking food in cast iron pots is healthy
Refined food: Good in taste, bad for health
Walnuts for healthy heart and brain
Low Glycemic carbohydrates make you lose weight faster
To detox, drink hot water
Sun flower seeds are good for healthy heart
Eat more veggies to lose weight
Sedentary life style has higher risk of developing heart disease
Tangy pickles - yummy but not good for health
Tulasi leaves sharpen the memory
Figs help in constipation
Lukewarm water with meals speeds up digestion
Relieve toothache, naturally
Cleansing routine for oily skin
Remove shoes while walking to practice reflexology
Eat complex carbohydrates for a flat tummy
Consume more protein to help burn fat
Drink herbal tea for weight loss
Do vigorous cardio to burn fat fast
Boil milk before consuming
Eat carrots to clear acne
Smoking aggravates bronchitis
Limit alcohol to get a flat belly
Tulsi leaves are a wonder herb for sore throat
Honey and cinnamon water helps in indigestion
Prevent gingivitis by gargling with salt water
Say good bye to bad breath
Quit smoking to avoid osteoporosis
Gripe water help the baby from flatulence
Improve your indoor air quality
Herbal tea helps prevent flatulence
Honey is helpful in treating sinus infection
Aloe vera is good for your skin
Go high on protein for super shiny hair
Ginger gives relief from morning sickness
Probiotics yogurt is good for treating gastrointestinal disorders
Sugarcane juice is an instant energy booster
Fiber act as binding agent and reduce cholesterol
Eat smaller meals more often to have flat tummy
Keep your air clean, indoors
Beta carotene act as anti oxidant
Use dehumidifiers to reduce dust mites
Avoid antibiotic resistance
Trans fats in margarine increase heart disease risk
Foods rich in vitamin C are good for healthy teeth and gums
Eat fiber rich foods to reduce the severity of hemorrhoids
Damp in the house attracts molds and fungus
Tomato juice is good for preventing the cancer
Low calorie snacks in midnight
Eat citrus fruits to increase iron levels in the body
Beer can reduce the risk of heart disease
Massage gives relief from tension headache
Olive oil reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke
Second hand smoke is harmful for unborn baby
Have a break fast with in one hour after you wake up
Sleep well to lose weight
Aerobic exercise improves metabolism
Women need more iron than man
Eat turkey to sleep well
While weight training, target specific muscle group
Being organized increases productivity
Excess fat around waist cause heart risk
Use low volatile organic compounds to paint the home
Drink water as soon as you get up for free bowel movement
Music alleviate depression
Use sunscreen with SPF 30+ for oily skin
Kids should limit watching tv
Constipation may cause hair loss
Walk out side is better than walk on treadmill
Listen to the music while you cardio exercise
Protein shakes before bed for body builders
Color elevates the mood. Choose right color in your home
Take balanced diet to have healthy nails
Manage your time for better productivity
Home remedy for dandruff
Safe distance for eyes from monitor
Be positive and banish negative thoughts to manage stress
Brown rice good for diabetic patients
Diet rich in potassium helps to control blood pressure
Spinach inhibits iron absorption Include foods contain vitamin C
Walk daily 30 minutes to increase your stamina
Orange juice is rich source of vitamin C
Caffeine make baby irritable
Sitting on exercise ball improves balance
Meditate daily to reduce stress levels
Nuts good for your heart
Red wine improves cardiovascular health
Do not drink tea or coffee before going to bed
Beet root juice is good for your heart and blood pressure
Simple ways to de stress your eyes while using computer
Simplest Way to Lose Weight Drink Water before Meals
Pickles are nice and tart, sadly not good for your heart
Bitter guard controls diabetes
Probiotics may help prevent diarrhea
Eat frequently to lose weight
Green tea helps weight loss
Gum care, as integral as tooth care
Muesli helps lower bad cholesterol
Tips to stop body odor
A dirty tongue causes bad odour from mouth
Ginger can help reduce nausea
Foot care tip for diabetic patients
Aloe vera is a friendly cactus for diabetics
Beans help in losing weight
How to lose one pound weight in a week time
Weight loss through crash diet a big no-no
Go nuts for a healthy heart
Avoid unnecessary use of antacids
Vegetable sources of protein scores no less than the animal source of protein
Flaxseed is good for heart health
Nature gives relief from depression
Apples good for reducing cholesterol
Weight loss through diet and exercise
Health benefits of eating muesli for breakfast
Apples are good for healthy teeth
Ginger gives relief from dizziness
Indigestion can be due to stress
Green tea can be used as natural mouth wash
Natural remedy for sinusitis
Deep breath gives relief from anxiety
Drink water during exercising
Brown breads are healthier then white bread
Non vegetarians are more prone for kidney stones
If you feel tired and dizzy drink lemon water
Salt increase blood pressure
Affect of phosphorus on osteoporosis
Non vegetarians are more prone to heart diseases and high blood pressure
Brush your teeth regularly to avoid tooth decay
Nuts are good for strong bones
Beans help in losing weight
Non vegetarians should include lemon in their diet
Flat stomach tip
Over weight may cause back pain
Alcohol, caffeine and carbonated beverages cause indigestion
Deep breath has positive affect on skin
Use of medical identification bracelets is helpful in emergency
Fat and cholesterol are essential for the body
Skipping breakfast can result in weight gain
Lean meat is a good choice for losing weight
Eating potato chips is unhealthy
Munching while watching television is bad idea
Store potatoes in cool, dark place
Protect your eyes from UV radiation
Lentils are the best source of protein
Use of sunscreen lotion to protect from UV radiation
Harmful affects of second hand smoking
Food items with low glycemic index are good for diabetic patients
DASH eating plan can reduce your blood pressure
Banana is good in controlling blood pressure
Eating too much spinach causes the formation of kidney stones
Green tea has anti cancer properties
Cardamom tea helps in digestion of food
Tulsi leaves are good for treating insect bites
Coconut water is good for treating kidney stones
Home remedy for the treatment of piles (Hemorrhoids)
Diabetes and eye problems
How to avoid ear ache while in the flight
Tips to avoid bed wetting of your children
Diabetes and eye care
Losing tummy fat by exercise
Aloe vera gel can be applied on scars for healing
Loss of hair due to nutritional deficiencies
Use of mouth wash prevents gum disease
Drink skimmed milk instead of whole milk to lose weight
Hand wash helps in preventing the spread of infection
Leaving crushed garlic for 15 min enhances its cancer fighting properties
Calcium requirement in post menopausal woman
Wear correct shoe size to avoid knee problem
Eating daily 5 almonds in the morning can increase brain power
Banana milk shake helps to overcome the hangover
Health benefits brown rice over white rice
Oat meal can lower bad cholesterol
Home remedy for cracked heels
Amla juice is good for skin
Eat egg white daily to lose weight
Affect of tea / coffee on iron absorption
Acetaminophen over dosage
Sore throat due to virus
Antibiotics will not help for the cough due to virus
Salt water solution can be used to relieve a stuffy nose
Ear infection in children will get better without antibiotics
Use of antibiotics to treat viral infection can lead to antibiotic resistance
Benefits of eating apple
Fiber and its role in digestion
Potassium keeps you healthy
Risks of drinking alcohol during pregnancy
Ways to avoid bad breath
Role of calcium in maintaining healthy bones and teeth
Health benefits of eating banana
NSAIDs interfere with the immune system and reduce the effectiveness vaccines
Smoking causes lower back pain
Use of antibiotics often cause diarrhea
First aid for burns
Health benefits of drinking water
Diarrhea due to lactose intolerance
Health benefits of carrot juice
How to prevent swine flu
N95 respirator for swine flu
Health benefits of flossing
How to avoid jet lag
How to remove ear wax
How to prevent pre diabetes
Health benefits of garlic
How to prevent cardio vascular disease in people with diabetes
Maintain normal BMI
Antihistamines may cause dizziness and drowsiness, so avoid driving
Correct way of using inhaler during asthmatic attack
Drink a lot of water to keep the mouth fresh
Viral infections are contagious then bacterial infections
Sore throats are due to virus or bacteria
Treatment for cold and flu
Antibacterial soap kills both good and bad bacteria
Usage of antibiotics in children for ear infection
Diet means not starving, it means eat nutritious food
Tips to overcome snoring
To prevent allergy reduce allergens like dust and dust mites
Fish is good for your baby

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