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Top Ideas for Indoor Workout

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It’s a way easier to work out in a gym than in home. Guess why? The answer is very simple- lack of motivation in home. Pushing yourself out of the comfort of home and charging yourself to exercise at home seems to be a Herculean task.

But if you are truly unable to manage time for outdoor workout, then somehow to keep yourself fit you need to indulge in exercise at least half an hour in a day. Big deal, isn’t it? We have come up with some wonderful ideas that will make working out at home utterly interesting.

Idea 1: Twist the boring postures with fun equipments

The idea is to incorporate workout equipments in your indoor schedule. Till now if you have been doing the same set of stretches, lunges and push ups and cribbing about not losing weight, then start exercising with resistance bands, exercise balls and step up plank.

Do ab stretches on the ball, crunches and side bends with the resistance band and aerobics on the step up plank. You can also try chair squats. Purchase one or two sets of dumbbells for doing the strength exercises like lunges and squats. This way your workout becomes more interesting.  

Idea 2: Dance as if no one’s watching

Who doesn’t love to dance? You don’t need to be a perfectionist here, but keep dancing to burn the loads of calories. Play your favourite songs and start dancing. Shake, move, twist and groove your body as much as possible to that your muscles get stretched and you sweat. You can also combine your aerobic workout with dance. Sounds fun, isn’t it? Get on the floor right from today!

Idea 3: Static Jogging for half an hour or walk on a treadmill

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No time to go out for jogging? Well, start static jogging at home. Instead of slouching like a couch potato, get up and get moving...Stand up and jog in a static position for just 30 minutes. This would be a holistic workout for you and it helps to control weight gain to a large extent.

If you have ample space at home and can afford to buy a treadmill, then this would also be a wonderful option. You can walk or jog at home. Instead of paying chunks of money in gym memberships, invest it on a treadmill that would be your sole property. And workout anytime...

Idea 4: For total fitness, skip in a jumping rope

A jumping rope is an age old technique to keep yourself fit. It’s time to go back to your school days and buy a jumping rope. Let your kids also jump with you at home. It’s not only you who benefit from this activity, but your kids also get a break from a gadget-struck life.

We advise you to make your moves slow and begin with 15-20 jumps to avoid cramping your legs.

Idea 5: Sun Salutation or surya namaskar is the ultimate indoor workout

Ever tried surya namaskar? If no, then train yourself by watching YouTube videos or get a DVD. If you are doing for the first time, then just try 5 a day. Gradually take it to 15-20 sets and you are done with the complete workout regimen for weight loss as well as inch loss. Not necessary that you need to do it early in the morning; you can do it anytime...

Idea 6: Get a personal trainer to teach you the moves correctly

If you are a newbie, then you may need a trainer to guide you to the right way to exercise. Learn the postures correctly to prevent muscle pull or sprain. You can also learn therapeutic exercises or yoga to heal yourself from any complication that you may be suffering from.

We hope that you are convinced with the ideas. So what next? Grab an idea that’s most conducive for you and start working out. Stay fit!

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Written by: Saptakee sengupta
Date last updated: January 16, 2015

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