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Pros and cons of treadmill running

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Running on a treadmill is fun and energizing. It endures you body and keeps you physically fit. For some it‘s convenient to run on a treadmill while others prefer running outside. However, everything has certain advantages and disadvantages. Let’s have a look at those

Pros of Treadmill Running

Run anytime: Treadmill is completely weather-proof. No matter you are running on a treadmill at home or in a gym, you can carry on with your exercise without paying any heed to the weather outside.

Run anywhere: If you can afford to shell out few bucks, then you can easily buy a treadmill at home thus adding more flexibility to your workout regimen. You can easily manage 15-30 minutes in a day for running.

You run on an even surface:  The track or the road you have chosen to run may be uneven, which increases you chances of tripping. In a treadmill you run on a smooth surface. Therefore, there’s no risk involved in hurting your feet or body

You control your running session: You perform a controlled workout on a treadmill. The incline, speed, cooling and warming up period is absolutely decided by you.

It’s the quickest calorie burner: Running on a treadmill is indeed the quickest way to burn calories as compared to biking and elliptical. Just 10 minutes of running gives you wonder results.

You can monitor your heart rate: These days treadmills have inbuilt electronic systems to monitor your heart rate as you run. Thus, you get to know how much running is ideal for you to avoid over exhausting.

Cons of Treadmill Running

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Treadmill gets monotonous: You run on the same equipment and same place. Some people find it really boring and prefer going out for jogging to enjoy fresh wind of nature and the environment too.

Despite even space it can cause knee problems: Some people develop knee pain while running on a treadmill. If you are having problems with your joints, then it’s better to not opt for treadmill.

Your running habits become bad: If you switch to running outdoor then you will face difficulty in facing the wind resistance

You run in same pattern: Although, normal people might prefer running on a treadmill, athletes never prefer treadmill because of the wide variety of advantages they find while running outdoor.  

It occupies lot of space in your house: If your apartment is small, then probably the treadmill will occupy a huge space inside. Thus, after buying you might find it inconvenient to keep

You spend lot of money: Treadmills are expensive. While you can jog free of cost outside amidst beauty of nature, you sacrifice all these pleasures even after spending some good bucks on a treadmill.

It requires proper technical expertise: Some treadmill users have faced lot of health problems due to lack of proper knowledge of operating it correctly. If you don’t set it right, your effort goes in vain.

After analysing the pros and cons we come to a conclusion that a treadmill will definitely suit you when you want to run desperately but your tight schedule prevents you from going out. However, learn the operation correctly with the help of a demo trainer.

We also suggest you to consult with your doctor if you have heart, joint and various other health problems before hitting on a treadmill.

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Written by: Saptakee sengupta
Date last updated: January 05, 2015

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