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Health benefits of Pilates

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Joseph Hubertus Pilates discovered this wonderful form of the exercise, which quintessentially encourages you to strengthen your core muscles as much as possible. He strongly puts forth his views that failing to make your core strong, would make you weak with each passing day. So how do Pilates benefit you? Read on the health benefits of Pilates below:


Strong core muscles

Your core muscles forms the base, which supports your entire body to perform well. Pilates primarily target the core muscles or simply put your abdominal muscles. Regular practise of Pilates adds strength and stamina to your entire body.


Strong legs

From the model suggested by Dr Pilates, we come to know that working out the muscles of your whole abdomen (upper, centre and lower) is the foundation for strong legs. People who have become older and have been doing Pilates for a long time speak about the goodness wholeheartedly.


Flat belly

Quite essentially, working out your core muscles means you are soon going to have a flat tummy. This is a sure shot advantage of Pilates as your belly fat gets churned quickly and you. And for men, yes, with Pilates you can definitely carve out your ab packs.

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Muscles are stretched to the maximum

Pilates are more or less different forms of stretching exercises that help you gain long, stretched and lean muscles. Remember, if you start Pilates at an early age, you would grow taller more efficiently than normally. The muscles near your spine, abdomen, pelvis and extending till your legs, particularly experience this effect.



Efficiently sculpts your body

Pilates are also touted as “celebrity workout” and the analogy is based on the body sculpting ability of Pilates. The moves and postures of the exercises are directed towards your spine, neck, abdominal girdle, pelvis and legs, thus, these vital parts of your body are worked out so well, helping you to gain a wonderful figure.


Excellent for people with desk job

As said before Pilates works on your back, neck and shoulder, so you can say it’s a therapy for back pain and muscle stiffness arising from long sitting hours in office or hectic travel. The bending and stretching moves improves flexibility of those body parts


Pilates inculcates self discipline

Your Pilates trainer would give you certain instructions before initiating your workout program and you have to make sure that you follow them. Thus, when you are religious and regular about something, then discipline is automatically incorporated in your lifestyle.


Pilates improve your respiration

The exercises are certainly combined with breathing techniques which helps you to achieve your goal. With each exercise your respiration is improved and your calories are burnt more efficiently.


Helps to gain better body control

Pilates teaches you how to move your body. The exercises are a kind of synergistic approach to balance and control your body. Every trainer begins with body control. You certainly learn it eventually which makes you less prone to injury, falls, etc.

Written by: healthplus24.com team
Date last updated: July 21, 2014

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