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Beginners Guide to Pilates

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Pilates is set of exercises designed to strengthen your mind and body and was named after Joseph Pilates, a physical-culturist from Germany. In the present, Pilates have become immensely popular due to its holistic benefits.

We shall explain you the details of Pilates below:


Principles to follow before doing Pilates

Concentration: Remember it’s a mind-body-spirit approach and therefore, no distractions while working out. You have to concentrate and feel the exercises

Breathing- It will be taught by your trainer and you need to co-ordinate the exercises with your breathing while working out

Centring- The exercises originate from the centre of your body i.e. between your lower abs and pubic bone; therefore, you need to channelize your energy to the core muscles of your body

Control- You have to gain control over the muscles of your body and bring about proper balance with the moves

Precision- Every individual posture has specific benefits and so, it demands precision. Alignment of different parts of the body is important.


Top Pilates Moves

As said before, Pilates primarily focus on your abs, so the exercises will be designed accordingly. You can incorporate equipments like resistance bands, rubber balls, etc. to make your exercises more interesting.

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Perform the following Pilates as a beginner:

Pilates Hundreds

Lie down on your exercise mat with your hands aside and legs straight. Now inhale and raise your legs together at an angle of 75 degree from the ground while raising your head and shoulders towards the legs, keeping your arms by your sides and off the floor.

Pilates Roll ups

Roll ups are similar to crunches, however the moves are more precise and focus is on breathing. You lie down flat on your back with your hands stretched above your head. Now slowly raise your body, holding your breath. Touch your feet with your hands and exhale. Try to bend your head as much as possible to that your core muscles are exercised.

Pilates Circles

If you are capable of activating the powerhouse i.e. the centre of your body, then you can do any movement. So learn Pilates circles to achieve this. The exercises include one leg circles and double leg circles in the air to strengthen the ab and thigh muscles along with controlling your respiration. Lie down on your mat with your legs stretched. Raise one leg on the floor to create a big circle. Inhale air as you lift and exhale while completing the circle.

There are several other Pilates moves like criss cross, side kick, plank, etc. that you can learn in a Pilates studio to get that perfect body.


Benefits of Pilates

  • The workout regimen is interesting with incorporation of versatile postures and interesting and sporty gears and equipments
  • Helps to build strong abdominal and leg muscles, increases your resistance and strength and stamina
  • Best exercises for toning and sculpting your body. Lot of celebs resort to this workout regimen to maintain their curves
  • Refreshes your mind, improves your breathing and heart rate as you focus on respiration while exercising

Written by: healthplus24.com team
Date last updated: July 12, 2014

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