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Best workouts for women 

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Being in shape and looking beautiful are the attributes synonymous for a woman. And why not, the fairer sex is meant to look gracious and charming! Some are naturally blessed while others earn it. The most promising way to “earn” a perfectly toned body is- working out.

So here we explain you the best exercises for women


The Sun Salutation

You entire body is worked out when you perform a sun salutation. The muscles of your back, abdomen, arms and legs get stretched in the right proportion. 5 sets of suryanamaskar would do all the wonders that you are looking for.


Sit ups or crunches

Stomach is the most vulnerable part of the body for piling of fats, so you must focus on some abdominal workouts on daily basis. Try sit-ups to tone down your belly. This is how you do crunches- lie down on the mat, cross your hands behind your head, take a deep breath in and raise your body. Release your breath when your touch your feet with hands.


Lower ab workouts

Include few sets of lower ab workouts to tighten your tummy. It includes- air cycling, leg raise, air circles, leg crossing or scissors. While doing a leg raise or a leg circle, you need to breathe in while lifting your legs in the air and breathe out while lowering your legs on the floor. Otherwise you can maintain normal breathing

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The cat and camel pose

To get over back problems and to strengthen your spine, you must do the cat camel pose. Fold your legs at your knees on the floor and rest your palm in the front, to resemble a cat. Make your spine straight. Now, arch your back and look up. This is the cat pose. Then round out your upper back and look down to your navel- it’s the camel pose.


Stretching Exercises

For holistic toning and flexibility of your body, you need to focus on stretching your arms, waist, legs and butts. Stretching also helps to get rid of pain and cramping. Some simple exercises with great benefits are: stand straight, raise your hand in the air and pull them back while looking up and breathing in. Bend down and touch your feet while releasing your breath. Similarly bend your body in the sides.

You can perform half squats to stretch your legs and hands exercises to lose fat from arms. Rotate your butt and waist in circles in a standing posture.  


Aerobics workouts

If you are looking forward to burn calories like nothing before, then join aerobics classes. It’s one of the most favourite and enjoyable fitness regimens of women. You can also combine Zumba and contemporary dances with aerobics. And if you can’t manage time out, then do it at home. Watch YouTube and grab the steps for home aerobics.


Walking and jogging

The most traditional workouts with promising health benefits are walking and jogging. It solves all health problems. You can make the ritual much more interesting with your pet accompanying you or you can also enjoy the company of your spouse or your girly gang. Sweat out your calories and feel rejuvenated.

Whatever exercise you choose or wish to combine, make sure you do it regularly, at least for 30 minutes if not one hour. Start slow and then get steady.

Written by: healthplus24.com team
Date last updated: March 26, 2014

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